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House building gripe-feel free to ignore

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I know that there is a Murphy's Law just special for house building right?


Our property is family property...been in the family for years. Dh's aunt WAS going to build there and had some permits pulled, etc. They decided to build somewhere else. We have all the documents from their permits.


They had a guy come out and "test" for where the septic and drainfield could go, and it was submitted to the county. Turns out that he never actually did the testing, just had submitted his approval for a small section of the property, that would also require pumping waste up-hill :confused:. (which was not clearly marked on the plot map) Long story short: the county counts that as the gospel truth, even though the guy FROM the county could plainly see that the soil on the property was not what was marked on the map. So now, we have to pay $$$ to get all that re-drawn and tested because, well, the paper has to be more correct than what you can see with your own eyes.


Gotta love bureaucracy :lol:

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