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Do you follow the WTM recommendations for...

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how much time is spent on the various subjects? IF you do or if you mostly do....I have a few questions for you...or even if you don't...maybe you can help me with my questions too (from the other side of the topic).


Oh, I have 2 in the logic stage and 1 in the grammar stage.


This is how our school looks...I put these worksheets in a folder and they start this in the morning: grammar, spelling, math, logic, handwriting, phonics sheet (ETC) and sometimes a Science worksheet (this is a review of yesterday's science lesson...we will do Science again later). Plus we do Latin and History later in the day.


They usually start around 8:00 and the kids are usually done with all of that is about an hour or so...depending on how much they piddle around. So this just simply doesn't seem like we are doing nearly enough (time wise)...but I don't know for sure. So here are my questions...


1) they recommend an hour of logic 3 x a week for the 2 older kids...what do you consider "logic"....mind puzzles come to mind for me...but I can't afford an hour of Mind Bender puzzles for them 3x a week. So what else??


2) if I do the Math lesson of the day (we use MUS), there is no way that it usually takes them the 40-60 minutes recommended...so what else do I do? I know that could include drilling math facts as well...but waht else?


3) what an hour of grammar (for the older 2) and 20-30 minutes for my youngest....we do GWG and we do one worksheet a day...takes no where close to the time we are to spend...so then what?


Writing and reading are sort of a no brainer...so I am ok there, I think.


please share your thoughts on the topic for me...I would really appreciate it.

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I wouldn't worry about the time allotments. SWB herself has said, more than once, that they only put those time estimates in the book because the publisher wanted her to do so. Personally, I work from a list with a general idea of how long something should take, but allow for variation within that framework.

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I dont spend near the amount of time suggested for grammar stage. I have curriculum that is working.g well for us. DS is retaining g a lot, I am very pleased with his progress. We do 1 lesson a day generally. If that takes 10 minutes, it takes 10 minutes. Our day is Lo.her than it was last year because we added three subjects. I do not required time, just conplete. Best, and correct work. If he can do the math quickly and correctly, he gets to be done.

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ok..thank you very much! I really do appreciate it...maybe I am putting too much stress on myself over this...I just am so nervous about not doing enough...especially as the kids get older. I don't worry at all for my youngest...but my 5th and 6th, I am more concerned. thanks again.

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