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Productivity report! (feel free to join in!)

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What did you get done today? Anything you've been meaning to do but putting off for a while?



  • Washed walls. Lots of walls. Thank God for Magic Eraser! I went through 3!
  • Did laundry. Spilled laundry detergent thanks to someone removing the cap and only setting it back on! ARGH!
  • Cleaned up laundry detergent.
  • Took second shower because laundry detergent spilled on ME!
  • Gathered things for baby shower this afternoon.
  • Freecycled a lamp.



I feel good. And doubly clean. :o

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I got up at 5 a.m. with my astronomy buff son to do some star-gazing. It was cloudy.:( We played a geography game instead. At the moment I'm tackling Mount Laundry and making chili. I'm also trying to keep ahead of ds1 in Latin and Omnibus reading. That's enough for the moment.

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I have been sitting on my rump all day long, in fact I did not even get dressed until an hour ago. I crawled out of bed and returned to the same spot I spent 4 hours in last night.



But, I have almost completed 6 weeks of lesson planning including websites and unitedstreaming videos, library books to put on hold, games to play, science lab supplies to purchase, and crafts to do, for my 4 homeschoolers plus my bonus student.:cool:


And I have done a tremendous amount of laundry while doing this. Can getting up to swap laundry around or refill my coffee cup count as exercise for today? I really have to get these plans done.

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Let's see.


I have posted here a lot (probably too much).


I have read everything you all have had to say.


I have taken pictures of my dishwasher, loaded by me, and of my handwashed dishes, cleaned by me.


I have had 2 cups of coffee.


I have refused to let the kids near computer or t.v. or video games until they do their chores. (This, I'm sure, makes me a hypocrite. But guess what ... I don't care!)


I have hosted the oil man who had to prime something after we ran out of heating oil.


My dog follows me everywhere. So I have practiced speeding up and slowing down to see if he runs into me. So far he has not.


I have felt guilty because I know I should be doing something productive.


Oh, and I ate a few Cheese Nips.


It is 3:30 p.m. here. I should be horsewhipped.

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1. prepared two kids for basketball, took one.

2. started a load of laundry.

3. reframed a picture.

4. went out for coffee with dh, date hour 1:30-2:30.

5. fussed at my kids for using baseball and bat on the street hitting into other people's yards.

6. put one kid down for a nap.

7. filed cute stuff with the empty baby books, even though oldest is 8.


Still to do:

1. run to library:D

2. get groceries.:(

3. go over budget w/dh.:eek:

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Friday night/Saturday morning is the only time during the week that I get a full night's rest. I slept way in until 8.


45 minutes of reading The Jungle, then got myself together.


Let the dog out.

Let the dog in.


I made the kids their favorite breakfast, buckwheat pancakes with blueberries.


One load of dishes.


Made dh's favorite meal in the world- charred chili relleno.


Dog in and out about 10 times while trying to cook. (She wants to be outside in the sunshine, but it's a bit chilly and she can't make up her mind)


2nd load of dishes.




Rearranged a few things in the kitchen.


Threw some soaked nuts in the dehydrator.


Cleaned beta bowl.


Had unpleasant discussion with dd about finding her missing reading log.


Now I'm spending a few moments with you fine folk!:)



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I promoted independence in Nature Girl by sleeping in until 9:10 and allowing her to fix her own breakfast.

I offered my wisdom to Daisy about History, to Dragons in the Flowerbed about our schoolroom, and to someone who's name I've forgotten, about cystic fibrosis.

I read numerous posts here that both intrigued and disturbed me. But not that much of either.

I gave Nature Girl two chores, which involved wet rags and baseboards, but I did not offer supervision and she rebelled slightly.

I made lunch for Nature Girl, dh, and offered the same macaroni and cheese to Film Buff, which he gently refused.

I called Sky's counsellor and talked to him for a while. His shoes arrived, he has a cold, and he had a good topic for goals this morning. yea.

I went to 5 stores up the street, buying chips and other munchies for tomorrow, a new hairdryer, and some sugar scrub that is supposed to make my dry skin soft and lovely.

I came home to "Gee, that sure was a long trip to the grocery store!" I flashed my pearly whites and retorted, "Oh, I didn't just go *there*!"


Strangely, when I came home, Film Buff had brushed the dog, swept the den, washed the throw rugs and who knows what else, all without anyone asking him to.


Now, I'm going to

Read to Nature Girl

Take a nap


and generally thank the Lord for a "me" day!

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You need to come to my house for an extended visit of about 6 years.


It's much, much warmer here in the winter. Does that help you make up your mind?





What did you get done today? Anything you've been meaning to do but putting off for a while?



  • Washed walls. Lots of walls. Thank God for Magic Eraser! I went through 3!
  • Did laundry. Spilled laundry detergent thanks to someone removing the cap and only setting it back on! ARGH!
  • Cleaned up laundry detergent.
  • Took second shower because laundry detergent spilled on ME!
  • Gathered things for baby shower this afternoon.
  • Freecycled a lamp.



I feel good. And doubly clean. :o

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*Got dd up for Brownie meeting-her friend's mom took her

*took ds10 to Saturday morning karate class

*Cleaned inside and top of stove--it was BAD

*Prepped ribs for SuperBowl--dry rub and marinade

*4 loads of laundry and counting

*Did "exercise" with ds8--he gets pt & ot in school during the week--I'm his therapist on the weekends

*Changed water in dd's rock tumbler-how many more weeks of this noise!?!

*cleaned out fridge,wiped down kitchen, scrubbed dog bowls and cleaned small bathroom

*played several board games with kids

*ate a ton of saltines because my tummy feels yucky

*organized school areas and threw area old papers

*paid a couple bills online

*made lots of checklists for upcoming trip

*putzed around on the computer

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I've had a surprisingly productive day:


-baked a loaf of cranberry bread for breakfast

-did math this morning with ds because "I want to work":eek:

-Took ds2 and dd to ballet, did schoolwork with each as the other went to class (our normal Sat. routine)

-went to Randalls and got their Buy 5 Sara Lee products, get $10 coupon 5 times, so now I've got LOTS of whole wheat bread, hotdog buns and hotdogs in the freezer:)

-went out to lunch with the whole crew


Of course, now I'm vegging on the computer, so my productivity index is taking a nosedive.

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Let's see - it is 1:45 in the afternoon here.


I made cooked buckwheat cereal semi-palatable by mixing in applesauce and maple syrup (we're still on our allergy diet).


I got tomato soup (from scratch) and a leg of lamb into the crockpots for lunch and supper.


I cut up apples for my kid's and dh's snack because I was gone all morning.


I dropped off three bags of used items at the Goodwill donation center.


I went to my third grocery store for this week's groceries (I went to 2 last night). They were out of half of the meat I need. I can't substitute because I'm still on this blankety-blank allergy diet! Note to self: have to visit a fourth grocery store tonight!


I'm running the dishwasher and visiting with you-all.


In a half hour I'm taking 4 large grocery bags full of pantry-items that we now can't eat due to allergies to a friend's house. Anyone want to shop from the back of my car?

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Oh man, my day has snow balled in a big way. We ordered a new mattress set which is to be delivered a week from Monday. Our current set will go into one of the other bedrooms in the upstairs (it is currently the Lego room). Yes, we have a whole room full of Legos. Now, the Legos will have to go down to the 4th bedroom which is the toy room, elliptical room, guest room, boys computer room, game table room (this is a FULL room).




Cleaned out the toy room in a big way. Took the computer out to put upstairs in other room. Took all the Lego shelving down to toy room. In process of transferring Legos down (this is an enormous job). Starting sorting the messed up pieces to put into buckets by color. Intend to do further sorts and put into those drawer units. Dh is clearing space in garage to store outgrown toys until sister gets married and has kids.


I am pooped! I officially at this moment dislike Legos (GASP). They are fun but as many as we have -- well that's just obscene. Especially since I have worked my tail off and still have a boat load to do. And the kids will play with them for one day and it will be destroyed again. Big pain!

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What I want to do: Eat chocolate, clean up my office/schoolroom, and figure out what we're doing for school next week.


What I'm doing: Moving garage stuff over from the old house to the new, but very dirty and crowded garage here. Sweeping, sorting, and putting away. I also swept up sawdust in the basement and worked on organizing our basement storage room. Moving takes so. much. time.


But I did have time to find good recipes for biscotti and scones! I don't know what we'll be learning next week, but we're going to have hot chocolate and scones for our snacks!

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Hmm, let's see. This should be interesting! I was up until 3 a.m. doing laundry (and watching CSI: Miami :cool:).


Overslept, woke at 9:30 and ran around frantically trying to get myself and the girls ready for library book fair.


Got to the library book fair, only to discover they were only offering cheap romances and mystery paperbacks :mad: Spent an hour there with grumpy kids and puppets.


Went back home and spent 45 minutes at the park without my coat before I couldn't take it anymore!


Came home, fed kids lunch and ran around frantically trying to clean up bathroom and stairs before babysitter interview. Convinced DD5 to clean her own room!


Did interview.


Put DD2 to bed and let DD5 watch two episodes of Cyberchase while I spent a much needed hour resting and finishing a book.


Figured out what I need to to buy from Just Tomatoes co-op and how much it will cost :eek:


Played Sleeping Princess board game with DD5, helped her pack her bag for sleepover tonight, fed them a snack, and got them ready to go.


Seems like I was really busy, doesn't it? Why do I feel like I spent the whole slothing around???

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1. Mountain of laundry.

2. Monthly grocery shopping & put away

3. Finished up taxes (yippee!!)

4. Cleaned out garage (it wasn't that bad)



Still to do...


1. Clean the kitchen & mop

2. Fold a mountain of laundry.

3. Organize freezer.

4. Finish up bills.

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purposely sleeping late day. SO we did that pretty well.:D

Then we:

~ate breakfast/brunch together

~oldest one finished school work

~I posted some curr. for sell online

~Um, we ran to the library

~I took the boys to lots of stores so they could try to sell ads in the football progam to help raise money for their football fees.

~I am now trying to decide what to cook for supper.


I love Saturdays! I almost didn't get anything accomplished today!

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Funny you should ask....

I had high intentions of getting the brakes fixed on my car - decided to even have them do an oil change since I was there without the 3 munchkins. BUT.......about 4 hrs later - I left the auto place with the same break part put back in my car!!! They actually sent out for the part (someone had to drive it over or something) 2x and 2x they sent the wrong part!!!!!! Both times - the parts were in the RIGHT box - just the WRONG part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:mad::mad::mad:


Sooooo there went my afternoon. Got there around 1/1:30 - left at 5:30pm. URRrrrrrggghhh.


However.....on the bright side - I was able to listen to both the Writing Without Fear cd and the Science in the Classical Curriculum cd AND was able to start reading "Deconstructing Penguins". I took notes in some child composition bk I just *happened* to have in my purse.


Guess cleaning & laundry & weekly planning will have to wait till tomorrow some time! :)

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I woke up at 5:00 because dh was working today (not what he normally does, but a job that has crunch time)

Made bacon & eggs for breakfast

Went to the grocery store

made a Derby Pie

Made homemade donuts for breakfast tomorrow

cooked a roast in the crockpot and made sandwiches out of it for dinner.

The kids played in the snow for 2 hours.

I read to myself for a while

ate dinner

read to the kids before bed

Now I'm thinking about reading some more.



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I work on Saturday's so it isn't fair.

So far today,

2:30 am came home from Friday's work

2:35 am put rest of dishes in dishwasher and started it

2:45 am took a bowl of cereal and a box from rainbow resources to the guest room

3 something dozed off watching tv in the guest room

9:15 am woke to find hubby gone to Starbucks with the two girls

9:45 am drank a BIG coffee and made myself a pot

10:oo am drank more coffee and ate cereal with youngest and oldest children and sliced apple for middle child who is missing 4 front teeth.

11:30 am finished the pot of coffee, read a story to youngest, packed leftovers for lunch and dinner, explained minestrone to hubby and showed him where the ingredients are, helped middle child make frosting for a cake she made last night.

11:45 am stopped by coffee shop, its my turn to buy beans for coffee for work

8:30 pm eating leftovers at my desk (my ds makes great spaghetti sauce from scratch) and reading the boards, 4 or 5 more hours of work. going to go grind some beans and make some coffee next.

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I just decided that I would love to get a card from someone right now, and I would hate it if someone really wanted to send me a card but stopped herself because of the date. So, what the heck?! I sent 'em on out.


I've gotten Christmas cards for Valentine's Day and once for Easter. I loved hearing from the people no matter what the date because they were friends!:)

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