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Help me choose a second math


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I know this has probably been discussed but I can't find exactly what I am looking for in searches. So, here is my question. Dd9 has done CLE math from the beginning. She does very good with it and flies through the lessons. I would like to add in a second math to cover more of a conceptual side. So which one? MEP, MM, SM? I want something with very specific teacher notes. Something to help me teach her as I never learned this way. She loves math and will not mind doing two programs. Which one would be the best and why? Thanks!

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Right start is wonderful for this as it teaches you how to teach. I have learned so much from Right start math, well worth it. And there are not alot of worksheets in the beginning so it won't be overkill.


I was just looking at this. Would I just start her at the beginning so she could learn the RS way or at her level?

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