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Pepsi baby woes, but a little better.

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Pb must be in the care of his grandmother by 8pm every night. This is good because he cant be kept out late anymore, but hes been living with mom and grandmother, and still not well cared for.


Grandmother now does not get a night off. :(


We have not had him for weeks and we really miss him. Should i bother asking grandmother if we can take him every other weekend? She used to spend the weekends and other random nights with her boyfriend. If gm would allow him over here, we would have to involve cps (with our recent issue, i might not even be cleared).


Gm is not too fond of me after basically taking over a dr's appt with pb. Pb had been sick for months, and there was no way i was going to let him be untreated again. Other than that, gm doesnt even know us.


So how do i approach this all around? I really want to. We love pb and have known him since 2 months, and had him overnight starting at 4 months.

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