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Men don't do well with hints, do they?

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... but the one's I have been close to did not take a hint at all. Sometimes they didn't even take a suggestion if it was straight forward in perfect English.


My father, however, who is a wonderful husband to my mother (married 53 years) ... also needs to be told straight out.

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Hints have never worked around here, however, one time my dh was listening to me complain about wanting something and he surprised me with it for Xmas, kind of shocked me that he even paid attention much less took action to get it. Lately, I have just been buying my own gifts, never have to return anything! A few days before my Bday I just tell dh, I already bought something for my gift, I am sure he is completely relieved. Of course he still gets me cards, flowers, etc, but at least he does not have to shop for some random thing.

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No, mine doesn't. Anything less subtle than stark naked and spread eagle on the bed, and he's clueless.


:lol::lol::lol: I was just going to say that dh generally does not get any hint unless it's accompanied by lingerie which for some bizarre reason, burns it into his psyche! :D



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My dh is pretty good with hints, but sometimes he thinks I'm hinting when I'm really just making conversation.


He prefers that I give him a list of things I want, so he can pick what he wants to get. I have learned, though, that he's afraid he'll blow it and pick the wrong thing, so he always buys every single thing on the list, just to be safe.


Let's just say that little bit of information has worked to my advantage on several occasions. :tongue_smilie:

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