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Self Educators-What does it entail?

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I'm just beginning the journey of learning about self education and creating a plan. Yesterday, I didn't even knew the term "self-education" existed, lol!


I've found plans from using homeschool curriculum and book lists, to websites and blogs dedicated to self learning journeys. I also discoered Open Courseware!



So my question is: When you decide on a plan, what exactly do you do? For example, I was looking at some specific courseware courses. How far do you take it? Read the books, watch the lectures, take notes, complete the assignments and papers?


If you're following a homeschool program, do you complete all the notebooking, map work, lapbooks, etc?


Just wondering how others do it.





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It depends on if you are having to work on other topics to stay ahead of your children.


I started a journey on self-education when ds was in 5th grade, he's now in 9th. I started to help fill in the gaps in my own education, so I could facilitate better and recognize my own limitations. It's also great to dig into something you enjoy. The possibilities are endless once you realize how vast the information in any one subject can be.


I loosely plan, but keep my schedule flexible. If I find something I love, I explore it deeper.


My first goal was to fill in the missing literature I'd never read. I really like the discovery process. I'm currently into Ancient Egyptian studies. It's all quite fascinating.

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How far you take it depends entirely on you, your goals, your time constraints. I've been self-educating in math for about 6 years now. I started out studying 7th grade math, and am starting a pre-calculus course this week. I work every single problem in my chosen texts, and often consult other texts, websites, etc. when I don't feel I have a complete understanding of a concept. I know I am going a lot more in depth than the average high school algebra student :-) But since I'm not REALLY doing this for anyone but me, I can go as far as I want with it.


I say just start at the beginning, and start out doing EVERYTHING the course tells you to do. If something is of no value to you over time (or very limited value for the time it takes or similar), feel free to drop it. Only you really know what your goals are after all!!

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Add autodidacticsm to your vocabulary as well.


For me, I follow a course of study until I'm satisfied, learned what I've wanted, am ready to move. Sometimes that is very formalized, other times its very loosely structured.


This year one of my tangents has been Dorothy Sayers. I've read several of her books, some about her and am going to be studying Dante with ds 17 as a result of her beautiful writing...leading me on another tangent...

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