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Earth Space science for 8th grade...need suggestions

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Please make a suggestion for 8th grade earth/space science.


This would be for the 2013-14 school year (next year), when I have Alg. I, Comp. I (outsourced), America the Beautiful, and Spanish I (outsourced) planned for ds.


I would choose BJU's E/S science because we really enjoyed Mrs. Vick in 7th grade Life Science, but BJU is so expensive and time intensive. I think BJU would be the most interesting, but I don't have anything else to compare to it.


I am aware of Runkles geography, but how interesting is it?

How can I make E/S "fun" (you know what I mean) for this student? He is science minded, and would get a lot out of E/S if I could make it engaging.... much better word.;)

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Plato Science has an Earth Science course for middle school. We are just starting it and plan to do it in 1 semester as many other here have. It's often offered through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op for about $40.


My son also read the Earth/Space Science books in the Prentice Hall Science Explorer series for middle schoolers. These are very good books and you can get them cheap used.

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Thank you, ladies!

Ann, if you covered Plato science in1st semester, what did you do in its place for 2nd semester?


I wonder if CBD sells the lab portion only for BJU E/S like they do forBJU Life... that's a thought.


Can anyone recommend any other type of video supplement for earth/space science?


Holly, I do like BJU. I feel like it is wonderful prep for high school science.

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We are planning on doing Plato Physical Science the 2nd semester.


Not sure if this would be something of interest but Teaching Co has great videos too and many here use them as a supplement or stand alone with readings. Here are some for earth science:


Intro to Geology:



How the Earth Works



Intro to Astronomy:



There are others too but these are the ones I'm most familiar with since we have these. We have only watched the astronomy so far and plan to use the others later.

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