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Digital Shutterbugs-Help Please

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For all you digital photographers-help!


I am trying to find some relatively easy to use digital photo editing software. Some sort of filing system/library would also be nice.


We have pocket digitals and digital SLR. We are using a Windows based computer with the appropriate card reader for downloading.


I had a chance to play with Photoshop CS and it just doesn't seem natural, is Photoshop Elements better? What else is out there?



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I have used Photoshop Elements for several years now and have yet to use all of the available features. Photoshop is NOT very intuitive. It takes some time to learn but there are many, many free tutorials online. CS is designed for graphic designers - not the everyday user. This is where Elements comes in.


The newer versions (4.0 and higher), I believe, come with Photoshop Album which is the component that allows you to organize your photos. It also allows you to tag your photos according to subject, who is is in the picture, date, etc. You can thereafter call up all the pictures of your daughter with Grandpa Bill, if desired, with just a click or two.


Photoshop Premiere Elements is for video and video editing. You can get it bundled with Elements 6.0.


If you decide to go with Photoshop, I would suggest sitting down with someone who knows the program and have them walk through the basics with you. I did this and it was a HUGE, HUGE help. Also, feel free to send me a private message if you have specific questions. :D



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Another thought...


Photoshop CS is expensive ... $600+

Photoshop Elements is about $69.


I have played with Picasa a little. It is a basic program for organizing photos. If you want the flexibility to edit your photos and perhaps create scrapbook pages, cards, invitations, graphics for your blog, etc., then Elements is the way to go.

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Besides the ones mentioned there is also Jasc PaintShopPro, I am not sure of the price though. ACDSee is good for filing and sorting and basic editing as well, agian I am not sure of the price. I will say that I love PhotoshopCS, it does take some getting use to but it can do so much. I would suggest you get elements, once you get the hang of it you will never want to use anything else. You will find the most tutorial for Jasc Paint Shop Pro and PhotoShop Elements/CS. I warn you this will lead you down the digiscrapping path eventually; and it is very addictive.:D

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Try Picasa first, it's free and easy. If it doesn't do what you want then let's talk about programs that cost $.


You'll be able to organize all your photos from within the program and perform basic editing functions like redeye removal and such without destroying the original picture. Everything works from sliders... I think you'll like it.


You can get it here.

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I got Photoshop Elements 6 seven months ago - and took a class in C3 this past weekend (it was cheap). I recommend Elements over CS - cheaper, and will have the organizing stuff you want in addition to editing tools. HOWEVER - I have bought THREE guide books to help me learn how to use Elements - no one book covers all the questions I have had. So far the most useful has been the Visual Quickstart Guide for Photoshop Elements 6 by Jeff Carlson. Also - tips gleaned from the Photo section of Ree's Pioneer Woman site by her and Ms. Booshay (did I spell that correctly?)


I wish I could take a class in this - but our local community college assumes I can bring my laptop to class. What laptop? Sigh.

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You can do a free trial of Photoshop Elements, too. Just look on the Adobe website.


I'm trying to decide what I want to use now. I just realized there is some version of CS3 that is pretty much just for photos and another that has other applications. I'm trying to understand the difference, but this is the kind of thing that completely overwhelms me. I look for a while, get confused, and then my eyes glaze over and I go hide my head in the sand for a while. I hate these kinds of decisions. If you do get CS3, Ree (thepioneerwoman.com) has some great tutorials that make it easy even for someone like me.


Do NOT buy Corel photo software. It came with my point and shoot. I didn't realize it was only a trial and when the message came up that my trial was up and I needed to buy it to continue using it, I freaked out thinking I wouldn't have any way to access the photos I'd already taken. (Hey, I am very slow in this category!) I bought it for a little less than the cheapest version of Elements. It is very frustrating because you cannot fine tune things and make minute adjustments with it like you can with PhotoShop.


You may be able to get a discount on Photoshop through Adobe, too. There is student and educator's discount pricing available if you meet the qualifications. There is a line that says homeschools qualify at their discretion, but you may fall into another category. I'm going to see if we can get it because dd will be a part time college student this fall (dual enrollment at public high school). My brother, who knows much more about these things, says that the versions may be different and that he thinks you are not legally allowed to use the educational versions to make money (if you wanted to sell your photos or get paid to take portraits, for example). You may not be concerned about that, but it is something you may want to check into.

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Thanks all-please keep the tips coming in! I finally have decent connection speeds and I need to get the photos organized and decent to send to the Grandparents who need to be able to print and go to get a good shot of the kids.


Then there are the scrapbooking, blog, and other projects. And now the kids want cameras too...


If I may add to the request what so many of you have thought to put in-best books/resources to learn the program!



Thanks! Y'all are great!

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