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My Kids & Cursive

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I have a 10 yr. old son who I started with cursive when he was in 3rd grade & a 8yr old dd who I started in 2nd. Both of them can't seem to write in cursive naturally. They do their cursive book in cursive and once in a while their spelling, but it doesn't flow with them. Anyone else have this problem:confused:


I don't know what to do. How did you get your dc writing in cursive??? I'm going to start my 1st & 2nd graders this year. Hopefully it will come more natural for them.



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Not sure this will help you, but wanted to share our experiences. My oldest ds just turned 12. I didn't start cursive with him until 4th grade because his printing was so atrocious! In 5th grade he did another cursive workbook and struggled. Last year (6th grade) I had him do the 5th grade Bob Jones cursive handwriting and after about the first half of the school year I noticed his writing was much better and it was easier for him. That's when I slowly began having him write some of his other work in cursive. I started with a short book report and later he did some longer writing.


This year for 7th he will do Bob Jones 6th grade cursive workbook for additional practice and I will continue having him write extra. My second ds will be in 4th this year and also struggles with his printing--even more so than my oldest. He will start cursive in the fall and I will probably plug along slowly with him as well. To me, having them be able to write in perfect form by 3rd grade wasn't an issue. I don't mind if it takes them years to get there--we have the time! Beauty of home schooling!

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This year I decided that all work will be done in cursive. My 3 older ones (8th, 6th, 3rd) could read and write in cursive but never used it outside of the handwriting book -- so it was a struggle and really, a useless skill. No more. All work done in cursive. The improvement in less then a month was astonishing.


My oldest sometimes forgets and I do not make her re-do the work in cursive, unless the answer is incorrect. Her overall attitude toward "school" has improved tremendously as of late and I am not going to nitpick over this.


So, my suggestion is do all written work in cursive. The exception would be creative writing. If they are struggling to think of what to say, getting it down in cursive is probably too much, until it comes naturally. But if it is question and answer, fill in the blank, etc -- cursive! You might want to wait until you start "new" books or the new "year" to start w/ the cursive...that is what I did.


Oh, and write them notes in cursive -- they need practice reading it too! :D

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