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Legal forms online - worthless or real?

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You know how you can buy/download/purchase all sorts of DIY legal forms these days without a lawyer per hour involved for a million different purposes...


What do you guys think about them, are they the real deal or how are they treated in a court action?


Any experiences or opinions out there?

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You have to be careful about laws that differ by state. So for example real estate law might be slightly different in each state and you wouldn't want to use a generic form that they say works with all states. You would want something that was crafted for your state. I think real estate and wills are two areas that you would want to do more research to find out if you are okay.


Also I would say that if the legal form has to do with any thing significant - like who inherits your money and takes care of your kids in case you die. It is worth it to hire a lawyer.


If it is some something insignificant, then it is probably okay.

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