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So... What do you put Nutella on?

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I mean besides straight from the jar to your mouth. I discovered this delight this past summer and I am coming up with new ideas all the time. Here are our favorites so far...



  • Strawberries dipped in Nutella
  • Pretzels dipped in Nutella
  • Nutella spread between two honey graham crackers



and today's discovery...


  • Banana muffins frosted with Nutella


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and today's discovery...

  • Banana muffins frosted with Nutella



Drooling... I just made streusel-topped banana muffins, but I am going to HAVE to try this next time... I think I'll have to make these muffins to fully do justice to the Nutella.


We like it with bananas, on good toast, graham crackers, apple slices, on a spoon, pretzel sticks, pear slices.

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My favourite, and only, thing I put Nutella on is crepes. Ever since I went to Paris last year and tasted one from a street vendor, I've enjoyed the taste of crepes with Nutella - I like it with bananas, too.


I also saw some weirdo order a crepe from the same vendor with french fries in it. :tongue_smilie: It pays to a little discerning with the Parisian snacks. Hope I don't offend anyone who loves this combination. Personally, I'm all for french fries in different combinations, such as poutine (fries, cheese curds and gravy). Sounds disgusting but tastes superb!!!

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My favorite new Nutella recipe is--

Nutella Hot Chocolate.


Seriously, it's easy and wonderful.


Just mix a spoonful (Tablespoon, not measured accurately--just a "spoonful") into a cup of milk, whisk it while warming gently on the stove...MMMMMMM!


I can't have milk, so I whisked my spoonful into a cup of almond milk.


Super fast and yummo! (Pretty sweet, tho...)


Oh! Just remembered--

You can mix about the same amt the same way and FREEZE it in dixie cups or a popsicle mold and make "fudgesicles."

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