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Popular history spine, but you don't like it???

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My children and I started school today. We are going through logic stage middle ages. We own too many spines. We have many chapter books to enjoy, and we want to simplify our home library.


They loved the following:

Grammar stage

A Child's History of the World

Grammar/logic stage

Story of the World series


Now we want to continue on with:

Logic stage

Dorothy Mills series (I like Memoria Press workbooks for the future)

Famous Men series

Rhetoric stage

Susan Wise Bauer, The History of... series

Spielvogel, Western Civilization

great books


We do not like and want to sell

Christine Miller's Guerber series!



We have plenty of spines right? More than enough? They won't be deprived if the never read these? :001_huh:

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I can't explain it very well. I'm a believer in the KISS method of writing. I know Miller painstakingly re-worked several of Guerber's volumes into a chronological history series. The content feels very scattered to me, and the typesetting and pronounciation helps slow me down.


Mills is just so superior in organization and writing (imo). When my 6th grader is a bit older, he can read them straight through with MP's guides. MP's Famous Men series comes with flashcards for review - a huge plus for us.

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