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Vampire Diaries fans.

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I've got some questions.


Is Logan the TV reporter? He's a vampire? Who turned him? Did he get killed?


I'm afraid I fell asleep during something important.



And the homeschooled girl, Anna? Am I supposed to know who that vampire guy is that she hangs with, is his name Noah? And who is Ben, that Bonnie is interested in?


Now everyone will know why we homeschool, we must be vampires.

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Logan the tv reporter is a vampire (and Jenna's ex-boyfriend). I could tell you who turned him but it is revealed in a later episode. I don't want to ruin the surprise if you haven't gotten there yet.


Likewise the whole Anna/Ben/Noah thing plays out later on as well.....


Let me know what episode you have watched up through and I will fill you in, but I think you are at a point just before the big reveal...

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