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What to do with bright 3 y/o


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Ok I am doing k w/my 5 y/o who is bright. My 3 y/o insists on doing school with us. And she is very specific, if we are doing math, she wants to do math etc...


She does know her letters and letter sounds, can write some letters, recognize a few words. She can count past 10, can easily complete a prek math workbook if she can use number stickers.


So do I do some more formal instruction with her? Any suggestions? My plan was to give her some prek workbooks or let her play while we did school. But she seems to need/desire more.


I am reeling a bit. I didn't make the connection that my girls were this bright until the regular K curriculum didn't fit my older one, and I was recently told by my little ones Sunday school teacher, they are putting her in the next class up because she is "very advanced" for her age.


(btw I realize she is not off the charts pg/eg or anything. But I suspect MG or HG like her dad and I.)

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Do whatever a 3 year old wants! Little guys are such sponges, and they crave your attention more than anything else! Teach very simple addition & subtraction up to 10 using M&Ms, and then make some M&M cookies (if there are any pieces left!). Help with reading simple words in the recipe (like cup or bake, and if you teach the oo sound, spoon & cookie). A bright child (gifted or not doesn't matter) who loves to learn will end up hating to learn if constantly told no and never allowed any challenges. A child who is never challenged will have a meltdown when finally presented with something new for the first time down the road. It doesn't matter how far ahead of the norm you get with a 3 year old, because they're all vastly different at that age. A truly gifted child learns very quickly and will continue to be ahead throughout school. One who is simply bright or above average will eventually slow down a bit and be challenged at a normal level.

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I let the younger child participate in the older's lessons to the extent the are capable. If I'm doing addition facts with my middle two and the 2 y.o. wants to try counting manipulatives, I let him. But, I also offer him his own books to look at or color and usually pull up a website that he enjoys or let him watch a video.

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Very easy to implement....and you don;t need a lot of materials.


He is three and we are using the 3-4 curriculum. It is rather gentle and easy but at the same time challenges him without requiring workbooks. Ie he write his numbers with chalk in the backyard. He is learning about shadows by tracing his body with chalk in the backyard-once in the morning and once in the afternoon to see how his shadow changes as the day go.


You can use the 4-5 curriculum for your 3yrs old. Martha sends samples.


Easy enough for my olders to do with him while I work with another child.

One child sang the Hokey Pokey with him and played doctor as one of themes for the month is My Body. Another child worked with him on writing his letters/numbers.


I haven't looked at 4-5 curriculum yet but I am assuming it is a bit more challenging.

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