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Help me sort this out.......


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We've spent so much time on my youngest dd's LDs and piecing together all her various issues, but I'm wondering about my oldest dd now. She's high IQ and did well in ps until 6th grade, when we started hs'ing both kids. This kid always was a scattered, disorganized kid (always forgetting her homework, not bringing home text books, etc.), and I found she was scattered this past year about homework assignments unless I wrote them down for her.


Long story short- I gave both kids the Brigance testing this weekend to see how they were doing academically and my dd scored *very* low in the repeating sentences back portion of the exam (like 3rd grade level). She was fine when asked to follow multi-step directions. Then, I had both kids take the online Gibson screening test (given before doing the Brainskills cognitive program) and my oldest dd tested fairly low in the auditory processing portion (actually both kids did, but my youngest didn't surprise me there). Not in the "critically low" but just her score was lower than in other areas. My oldest dd's scores were high with her working/long term memory and pretty standard with visual processing, etc.


Do you think this warrants seeking out testing for APD? Or should I try to work informally with her on improving her auditory sequencing and memory? Any recommendations on books or programs? She's a rising 7th grader, and I think this skill is going to become more important as she moves towards high school and college level where it is important to be able to listen to lecture and take notes.......


TIA for any advice :)


P.S. Tomorrow my youngest goes in for her vision exam and I'm pretty sure we're headed towards VT for her. I'm a bit nerve wracked. She has dyslexia and dysgraphia and hearing loss (and who knows what other issues). We're just working our way slowly through figuring her out and I am constantly feeling overhwelmed/overloaded by it all.

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Wow! Paula, do we have a lot in common, or what?


Given what you're saying here, I would definitely go for a full CAPD exam. Why? She's very bright and she's compensating. She may not look that bad on a screening, though her issues *could* be very significant. Also, she has some ADD type of traits--and CAPD has symptoms in common with ADD like organization problems--so it may be easy for even an audiologist to put this off on something like ADD and not CAPD. These are the EXACT problems that we had which is why it took until my oldest was 16 to figure out she really did have CAPD, despite an earlier screening. Find a pediatric audiologist who is very familiar with CAPD.


There are actually different types of CAPD and it's only through testing that you'll know what type you are dealing with and how best to deal with it. Don't spend your time and money on therapies until you know the precise problems.


My dd's type is not what people commonly think of when they think of auditory processing. She had no problems with hearing sounds, spelling, reading. She was disorganized. Her most serious problem is that her brain can't process speech from both ears simultaneously. This requires specific adjustments in how we do things at home and how she finds methods to manage life outside the home. We could have never known how to help her and she wouldn't know how to help herself without the information from the full evaluation. If we would have spent money on things like FastForward or Earobics, it would have been completely wasted because they don't address her type of problem.


My dd went to ps through 5th and we started seeing the cracks in 4th, despite the fact that she continued to do well academically. When things we simple, no problem, but as life and learning became more complicated, things became much, much harder. Not knowing due dates, not knowing the details of assignments. Fine if a schedule is in writing, but not knowing if the schedule has changed if the change wasn't in writing. When social activities become more independent, there are problems there, too. I don't know if you've been noticing things like that.


:grouphug: I totally get the overwhelmed part. I've been there, and am there a little now. The good thing is that the evaluation may be months away if you make the appointment now.


We are going in Wednesday for more testing. :001_smile:

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I totally get the overwhelmed part. I've been there, and am there a little now.
Okay, glad I'm not the only one in this boat!


Since we have our other dd going through some expensive testing (Vision testing here for the COVD drs runs about $700!), we won't be able to get dd in for APD testing anytime soon......

SO, I was looking for economical ways to start working with her when we start school next week on auditory memory/sequencing. I've been sorting through old posts.


I ordered the auditory memory workbooks from here: http://www.achievepublications.com/Catalog.html


I also saw someone recommended playing Simon.


Any other ideas on how I can work with dd at home on auditory processing type issues without spending a ton of $$? :)



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