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I'm officially an afterschooler. Does anyone afterschool the higher grades?

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Today was their first day of school in three years. We decided to put them in school because they wanted to go, the schools we now live near are excellent, and I was suffering from overload with homeschooling three kids, including a very difficult child. I'm looking forward to having more time to spend with my little ones, as I have always felt guilty that they didn't get nearly as much attention as I was able to give my older three.


So who afterschools their older ones? I have a 4th, 6th, and 8th graders. They want me to continue teaching them, so I'm thinking of what I want to do with each child. My oldest would like to continue with grammar and Latin. She also wants to provide her with interesting history books. The next oldest needs major spelling help. I've tried several spelling programs over the years, but nothing has helped her. Along with that, I think I'm going to teach her Latin and provide science opportunities. Maybe I'll throw in some grammar every now and then. My fourth grader will do Math, handwriting, grammar, and lots of reading and read alouds. Of course I'll be rotating the subjects daily so as not to overwhelm them. I just hope I don't get lazy and drop after schooling altogether. That's my biggest fear right now.

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My eldest, DS13 has never been homeschooled, but as from a week tomorrow DS11 will be joining him at our very excellent local secondary school. DS11 is keen to continue with Latin, which they don't do at this school until they're 13 or 14 yo, and he also wants to continue doing Galore Park French with me, as although he'll do French at school he's now doing more advanced work than he'll do at school at first. DS13 wants to afterschool writing as it's his weak point and is rather letting him down at the moment. DS13 also wants to join in with Galore Park French as he didn't do so well last year in French as he had done previously.


I'll still be homeschooling DS8 and DS5 and, like yourself, I'm really looking forward to spending a little more quality time with them.


Also like yourselves (I think) we've homeschooled for only three years so far.

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There's a new charter high school near us, on the campus of the cc. Dd14 is starting there today. If it works out, our ds's will do high school there also. We'll continue homeschooling through 8th grade.


We afterschool the following: world history and ancient literature for dd17, who is doing her senior year at cc, and algebra, world history, and German for dd14, who is doing the charter high school.

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My twins just started high school (first time in school ever) - today was their first full day of classes. They have almost all honors classes (and will be continuing German Sat. School and want to be in a ton of clubs), so I'm not sure how much I can add to their plate.


But after the first day, I think I'm going to continue reading aloud from K12HO along with whatever they're doing (I like that text 1000x more than the ones they're using - one dd just has an online text :glare:). And they have no bio text either, so I think I'll have them read the Campbell Exploring Life Bio text we have sitting here along with whatever topic they're learning about. The Spanish exchange student we just had here promised to Skype with them once or twice a week (alternating Spanish/English) - that would be great if it actually happens. And they'll continue with their book club that reads/discusses a book a month - afterschooling disguised as a social outlet. :)


Geometry had a nice surprise, though. Turns out the teacher doesn't like the school's new text, so is using an old Jurgensen/Brown text that I heard right here on the Hive was an outstanding text. Yay. Other dd is taking "Algebra I Part B" and has oh her own announced that she intends to use Khan Academy to supplement.


Anyway, this is all very up in the air right now. We'll have to see how the year goes...

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Guest kmarie30

When my dd was in school in 6th grade (now 7th grade and homeschooled), she had so much homework that nearly all of our time in the evenings was spent on the homework effort, re-teaching etc. With that, we could barely keep up. I think she and I would have gone mental with trying to add anything extra.


My hat is off to those who are able to make it work:)

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My son went back into ps during 8th grade...we after school with online classes. Right now we are in 11th grade taking biology. He was fortunate enough to get into a vocational school this year so he only takes english, math and reading at school...the rest I do homeschool online at home with him. I have no idea how I was so lucky to get to still work with him. It is very hard to fit it in...but I know I push him far more then he would be doing in school.

We will be doing all his science, history and I possibly one math. We use FLVS as a public school student which allows him to get credit on his transcripts at school. I dont have to do my "own" curriculum so it is a bit different, but I make sure we are working on the topics together.

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