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flying turtle versus plasma car

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I'm looking to buy either one of these for my soon-to-be 4 year old ds. Can you share your experience with any of these toys? My ds loves playing outdoor and we have a lot of sidewalk space. He's pretty coordinated, has been riding the Razor scooter and 2-wheel bike since before he turned 2. I can't afford to buy both toys.



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We have the plasma car for both dd and ds. They both love it. We let them use it inside the house they go from the playroom to the kitchen (round and round). Don't have the flying turtle so I can't compare. I don't have any complaints about the plasma car. :001_smile:

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We have a plasma car and my 6 yo dd loves it! My 21 mo ds is getting the hang of it but isn't quite strong enough to make it go without using his feet. It's a big hit here and it's cool that it can hold most adults as well. I like playing with toys too.

Off to google the flying turtle, I've never heard of it.

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and we sell both of the products you mentioned. Both products sell well, so I think it depends on what you are looking for.


The Flying Turtle goes faster and is a bit easier to manuver. I'm thinking for a four year old, it might be your best bet.


The Plasma car can hold up to 125 pounds (maybe 150?) But takes a lot more to get it going. I would suggest holding off on that and get it a bit later.


The Flying Turtle is my personal favorite. ;)

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