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For those of you who live in Florida (m)

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mysafefloridahome.com provides free home wind inspections. I had my house inspected, received the report and turned it in to State Farm. The annual premium has dropped from $3191 to $1161!!!


I had also signed up for the matching $5000 grant so when that grant is approved, I'll be hopefully getting accordian shutters.




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Oh that is cool - i'll have to check into that. We didn't even lose a shingle while the rest of the neighborhood was destroyed in an EF3 Tornado, we are feeling pretty comfy.


My parents got shutters for free - their whole area had to have an estimate, and then they could get them if they chose. My parents are the only ones without the little windows at the top, so they got all theirs for free!!


Windows, wait, that might be a problem.... they might have a huge issues with it....


I"ll still check into it, thanks!

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