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bedding shopping

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Sheet shopping bewilders me. :D Is that weird?


Anyway. I need to get new sheets for our bed and I got to like Target and I'm like "huh, are these good or junk?" and then I look at someplace like Cuddledown which my step mother in law swears by and I can't see spending so much on sheets. I don't have much money.


Someone demystify the sheet buying thing for me? I need a good set of flannel sheets and a good set of light sheets.

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I measure the mattress depth, and then go to Lands End and buy sheets on sale.


The mattress depth is important because some fitted sheets are not deep enough to fit our mattresses. I make sure there is ample room for the sheets to fit. If my mattress is 14" deep, I buy sheets that fit a mattress at least 16" deep. Otherwise, the corners pop off.


Other good places for sheets on sale are Pottery Barn and The Company Store. I found out the hard way that their patterned sheets don't fit deep mattresses, though.


Overstock also sells sheets, but I've never bought any from them. If I did, I'd read the reviews and make sure the sheets didn't shrink, fade, pill, or need ironing. I'd want to see lots of 5-star reviews.


These are all online stores -- there is nowhere to buy good quality sheets where I live. I buy good quality sheets so they will last a long time in good condition. They are not terribly expensive because they are on sale. The hardest part for me is finding sheets that will fit and that have a pattern I like. I make a lot of compromises because of my only on sale rule. I make sure to compare the dimensions of the sheets at various stores and of various brands, too.


If you are looking for children's sheets with licensed characters on them, in my experience these are always low quality sheets, but my kids loved them, so I bought them each a set when they were young.


TJ Maxx sells sheets.


I don't know anything about expensive, very high quality, sheets.

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