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My garage sale victory that I wasn't even there for!

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My friend had a garage sale this weekend and said I could bring some stuff over. Problem was, I worked all weekend. So another friend offered to handle my stuff for me. I had set out a set of antique oak chairs, not in great shape. They've spent a good 30 years in the high desert in the dry heat and the wood is brittle and needs some refinishing. I was hoping for $10 a chair. Well, at the end of the sale, they chairs still hadn't sold and my friend's dh said he liked them and would buy them. Well, as he was about to bring the chairs in, someone came by and asked about them. My friend said they were sold. The guy asked what the selling price was. My friend said told him $40. The guy told him he'd pay $80! So, my friend let him buy them for $80! My friend called me and told me he'd gotten me $80 for chairs I was happy to take $40 for! I asked if we should split the money, he said since he'd not paid me, the chairs were still mine, as is the $80.


A) I have great friends and

B) The chairs sold and don't have to come back to my basement!


Total earnings from this sale: $165. :party:

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