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For those of you who have a rest time...

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X-post because I was trying to post here originally and evidently lack of sleep is way catching up to me.


I'm kind of looking for some thought about how others do rest. We usually get all our skill level stuff done before lunch - latin, phonics, spelling, reading, math, copywork - all that. Then after lunch we take a rest where we all curl up in the living room with quiet activities and listen to an audiobook. After that we are, according to my schedule, supposed to get up and do some delight led learning - art, lots of hands on science, a bit of history. Here's the problem though - in the first three weeks of doing school, the after rest stuff has only gotten done one day. Just one day, out of fifteen.


This is the stuff my girls love and it just doesn't happen. What has happened is that either we get so sucked into the read aloud that we don't stop it soon enough. Or when I sit down to take a break, I just crash and can't seem to get going again - which is usually the bigger problem. I am not someone with boundless energy.


So while I have made the 3R's the priority for this year because DD8 especially has been at a disadvantage due to my inconsistency, I want to get to the things they love. How can I structure the day so we still have some down time that includes read alouds and still get to the "fun learning" as my girls call it?


Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

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we do happy horizontal hour after lunch each day. then we do an audio subject like history for the next hour or so. that gives me two hours, and eases them back into the flow. then we do something like language arts.


the hour before lunch traditionally worked well for us for non-academic things, but now they're older, and we just work all the time. or it feels that way, because they dance 16 hours a week, and play violin 10 hours a week, so any time they aren't doing that or sleeping, we're doing school...




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