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Spelling Workbooks...Gr.4&5


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I have searched here and elsewhere online in regards to teaching spelling and have narrowed it down to a few options. The options that I thought looked good were Mega Words, Rod & Staff, HTTS, and Building Spelling Skills (by CLP). I would like something that teaches the students how to label the syllables and is rules based. Does the curriculum I listed teach that? I would love your opinions, suggestions or recommendations!


We are currently using AAS, but I would love to have a worksheet available for my students in gr. 4 & 5. I did create worksheets for them based on AAS3, but I don't really want to take the time to do it for the remaining AAS books. :tongue_smilie:



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Hi, HTTS teaches the rules and has a fair amount of work with syllables at the beginning of each workbook (there are 4 levels of workbooks). I have used Levels 1 and 2 and will use 2 and 3 this year with two of my dc. I will also have my son do Megawords 1 since I think he needs extra work on syllables. I have never used MW before so I can't give a review on it yet.


I have a blog post on HTTS if you need more info. I can't really help you much on the other curricula since I haven't used them.




ETA: Not sure what you mean by labeling syllables. HTTS teaches the different kinds of syllables and the dc has to specify open, closed, etc., but I don't think there are special markings or anything. I usually have my dc do whatever it says to do and then, in addition to that, mark the vowel as long or short if we are talking about open vs. closed. syllables.

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Ok, in that case, HTTS definitely has you "labeling" syllables. Megawords 1 is totally about syllables, I think. Don't know about the rest of the series or if it covers rules.


I could be wrong about R&S, but I think it covers rules in a slightly less explicit way. I know many people like that series. Do a search for R&S posts by boscopup and that might help.

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