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Audi owners?

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We are considering a Q5 (used) but have some questions:


1. Is service expensive (i.e. routine oil changes, etc.)?

2. Is service (non routine) often needed - have you had regular "issues" with your Audi?

3. Is it dealer service only?

4. How long have you had yours? What model? And do you recommend Audi?


We drove a Q5 along with just about everything else in the same class (Edge, Lincoln, Escape, Toureg, etc.) and while all of them were nice in various ways, the Q5 was perfect in all ways AND was a fun drive (can't say any of the others were fun, but they were very nice). I checked Craigslist in the state and there are only 2 listed! Either they don't sell well or people hang onto them.


We are downsizing since 2 boys have left home (1 married, 1 college) and 2 will be leaving within a year or two. We have a Suburban that we bought new in 03 and will hang onto that for large groups, but I'd like to get rid of the Honda Odyssey - my daily driver.

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