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Perrin's Art of Poetry for ninth grade?

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I'm using it with my 9th grader who hasn't been exposed to much poetry and my older 6th grader who adores it. I plan on giving 1/2 credit as long as it takes at least 60 hours of class work total. If it doesn't add up to that I'll add some assignments over the summer or at the end of the year.

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Has anyone used this for high school? I am wondering whether it is of appropriate level and how much of a credit it would likely support.


Lee in New England


I don't know much about this one, but I would love to hear what people think of it who use it. Have been tempted to buy it just for my own use!


I just *love* the books by Lene Jaqua (Classical Writing series). She has published both Beginning and Intermediate Poetry. I have them and used them as a supplement with my youngest son in his high school years. They are just so systematic, thorough--and have such great examples of poetry to study!


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I am using Art of Poetry this year as a component of my 9th grade son's literature study...which is a component of his English credit (1 credit for a revolving structure of grammar, vocabulary, literature, and writing). I plan to do part of the book this year and the remainder next year.


I cannot give a thorough review yet, but I sure like what I see in Art of Poetry.

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OH, and I can't believe that I forgot to mention this, but a great friend of mine is offering a new online course at our study center called "Poetry Matters." This ought to be a fabulous course. She is a poet herself and earned a Phd in a program studying with a well known poet.


Page down to "Poetry Matters" here:



This is going to be a great opportunity!

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