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I would like someone to explain to me the difference between these laptops

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This is an honest question. I'm trying to understand why Macbook pros cost more than PC laptops.


1st laptop




It's a Toshiba with a 15.6 screen, 8GB memory and 750 GB hard drive


Then there's the Mac




Besides being over 2x the price, how is it different (beside being a Mac operating system).


This is an ultrabook. I don't understand them either. :tongue_smilie: It's closer in price to a Mac. But why?




I would love if someone could explain it all. Next year we will need to get a laptop. I don't mind paying for quality, but I don't like paying for a name. :001_smile:

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Mac is incredibly better. I could not care less about name brands. Mac computers are all I ever want ever again for the rest of my life and the only kind I would buy for my kids. They work and work and work and work and make sense while they work. I'm not very techy and Mac is wonderful to use.


I don't know anything about "ultrabooks."

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I am oversimplifying, but here is my understanding:


An ultra book is taking some design cues from Apple, in that the laptops are very thin, aluminum (or aluminum looking) and have more power and features than your standard PC laptop. I think they are superior to a regular pc laptop, primarily because they do have better 'guts' - which is reflected in the price.


I have gone through multiple pc laptops in the past five years, and finally bought a Mac. It is an UNBELIEVABLE difference. Like the pp said, it just works! I don't have to spend half of my life running updates - which then cause a variety of other things to become 'wonky'. I firmly believe it is because Apple is making the operating system and the hardware - so they are designed to work together. If there is a problem, Apple knows it is something they did, and they are pretty good about fixing it. With pc's, Microsoft makes Windows, and any number of other companies make the hardware. When something doesn't work, they all point fingers at each other. Also, when you have a problem with a Mac, you can find a solution on the Apple forums. When you have a problem with a PC where do you look? Microsoft? The Laptop manufacturer? The manufacturer of the hard drive? Or the graphics card? etc.


I do not have money to waste on an Apple because of the NAME. Macs are expensive -- but I do not regret buying my Mac, because is allows me to actually get things done -- not spend my time fighting with it. The reduction in frustration has been astounding! I will never own a pc again. And, like the pp, I will be switching the rest of the family over as we replace existing computers.


Also, in case you are not aware of it - Apple has a homeschool discount (I got $100 off of my laptop), so be sure to ask for it. Also, right now they have their back to school sale - which takes off a bit more in addition to the homeschool discount. This is the only time of year you can get that (as far as I know). If you decide to go Mac, try to plan your purchase for this time period.


Good luck!

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Some articles I read when shopping earlier this summer...





"Apple isn't selling $750 notebooks for $1,500 -- its portables tend to use higher-end processors, mostly have aluminum cases rather than plastic ones, are typically thinner and lighter than garden-variety laptops and run longer on a battery charge than many of their Windows brethren." Even so, PCs definitely have the upper hand when it comes to selection." - quote from the first article


If you are going with an Apple, I'm not sure i'd buy from Best Buy. I'm not convinced their tech support offer will amount to much.


We had the worst experience and horrible customer service from BestBuy's Geek Squad. They kept our computer for more than a week stringing us along until Dh went and got a manager. Then they had to admit that they had done something to mess it up more and were working on the problem and had no idea how long it would take. Dh took the computer away from them and had it fixed elsewhere. BB refused to refund our money. I don't know if our experience is typical, but we would never trust their tech support.


I ended up with a MacBook Pro which we got at an Apple store with all of their support. I much prefer the assistance we've had from Apple to any tech support for any type of PC. It's something to consider.




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We are a Mac only family here, so I am biased. I would take a look at the refurbished computers at the Apple store and buy direct from them. Free shipping and same warranty. I love my refurbished MacBook Pro and iPad and iPods, etc. Never have had a problem with any of them!

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I'm on my third HP laptop. My first one is still working, but it's at a geriatric phase. It's also over 6 years old. My netbook (still sad about this one) bit the dust after 18 months. I'm now back to a regular laptop. The cost of all 3 of these still doesn't equate a Mac.


I'm not against a Mac, I just can't afford one and the PC issues don't drive me crazy. Ds, otoh, dislikes Windows and their various updates. He took his old laptop (a twin to my original one) and dumped Windows and downloaded a Linux OS. He's saving for a Mac, but he's also into graphics and will eventually need a better system.


Dh also has the knowledge to troubleshoot minor issues, which I haven't had on my new laptop.


I got my new one in April and it was on sale for 350.00 at one of the Office Stores. If budget was not an issue, I might buy a Mac with longevity in mind, but budget is an issue. I expect to get 3-5 years out of this computer before I'll be itching for an upgrade.

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We actually just bought a Toshiba laptop very similar to the one you linked, from Best Buy, it was on sale, and we absolutely love it.


We had various Dell desktops, and they have all been nothing but trouble, my mom has a Dell laptop that is a train wreck. Our previous laptop was an acer, and while it was ok, the difference in the new Toshiba is amazing.


I think it has to do with the 8GB memory, and the large hard drive....I don't remember what kind. But also windows 7 is vastly easier, smoother, and less bulky on the system than Vista was, and using google chrome for web browsing has been a wonderful experience as well.



I would love to have a Mac, eventually, but it was out of our price range this time around, and we have been wonderfully pleased with this one.


We also don't use Geek Squad, if we ever have problems I call the guy that does our IT at work. He is self employed, and amazing. For 65 dollars an hour, he can fix even major problems in no time at all. He pulled all of our old files, off a laptop with Sonic Cherry slush spilled in it, ran them through major virus scans, then loaded them on the new laptop and charged us for an hour of work...I KNOW it took longer than that.

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If you are going with an Apple, I'm not sure i'd buy from Best Buy.


:iagree: Go to an Apple store. I big-puffy-heart love the Apple Genius Bar. I had a HORRID experience with the BB Geek Squad people.

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