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remedial grammar help!!!


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Okay, so my two 5th graders were in public school last year. They were homeschooled prior to that and had done CLE English and Rod and Staff. They don't remember anything! Can't identify any parts of speech. Ugh!! We are using BJU this year and they are already struggling on lesson 4. What is something I can use to refresh their brains? I don't mind going back a couple of grades. They did no grammar last year at public school.


Thanks for your help!

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Easy Grammar. Do it every day, correct each lesson before allowing them to go to the next one--and I do mean that *YOU* should correct each lesson. After you finish EG, do Daily Grams along with whatever you're using for writing.


Most people can say that their dc used [insert favorite English grammar product here] and didn't see any retention, but really, most children will need to do formal grammar more than once for it to stick, and it's possible that the next thing they used seemed successful because of the previous product used. :-)

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