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Best literature guide for The Hobbit for gr. 4-6?

Annabel Lee

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What's the best literature guide for The Hobbit for gr. 4-6? I'm not looking for anything with a ton of projects (I won't be sewing any costumes or building hobbit-holes in the backyard). I don't mind a few well-done or simple projects, just so it's not the focus. I'm looking for something to help identify theme(s), antagonist/protagonist, point out clever use of literary devices, generally build a deeper appreciation for the story itself. If there are lines upon lines for writing answers to comprehension questions, I'd just ask the questions orally. I'm looking for something more than just comprehension, though.


This will be their 1st time ever hearing the story; I wonder if they'd be better off just reading/hearing it the first time through? What do you think? I need something for "Literature", and my son (Finally! Praise Heaven!) suggested The Hobbit. I've tried for years, but my older son always refused, and the younger followed suit.



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My children are younger, so your needs may be a bit different. For us, it was all about a good story. We read aloud a beautifully illustrated edition, found at our local library,


stopping to explore the illustrations or interesting footnotes. My son chose sentences from The Hobbit for WWE dictation. He built a custom version of Lego Smaug. Thorin and company entered his fantasy life to join Luke Skywalker et al...

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