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Two Blog/App Techie Questions

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I've heard there is a way to subscribe to blogs and be able to see at a glance which ones have new posts. Something about RSS? How do I do this all in one place?


Also, I love, love, love Google Calendar on my android phone. Hubby has it too and we share calendars and can see at a glance what is going on each day and upcoming, and it can also be edited online on my computer.


I would love to find something similar for lists and notetaking. So for example, I could have a To Do list and could access it on my phone, but could also edit it on my PC and they stay updated in both places. It would also have the ability to have more than one list and preferably an easy way to transfer information between lists. So, I could have a "To Do Today" list and a "To Do in the Near Future" and "To Do Longterm" and could move items from list to list as appropriate. Or, I could have a shopping list for Sams, but whatever I don't find there, I could transfer to my grocery store shopping list. I'd want to be able to create the lists on my PC, but access them and edit them on my phone. Does this App exist?

ETA: This post is homeschooling related because many of the blogs I would like to follow are homeschooling related and many of the items on my To Do lists are schooling tasks as well. ;)

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HI! When you are on blogs and see the RSS click on it. It will give you the option of adding and reading in reader or on google homepage. I use the reader method. You need to have a google account such as gmail.

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ok, two things


for a shareable to do list, check out Cozi - free, online, useable from pc or aps. i use it for homeschooling assignment lists for my teen!


most blogs have an RSS, but i had some trouble where I had to first kind of 'activate' my google reader. then i got an add-on for chrome called feedsquares - that gives me a little notification if i have new unread blog entries. I LOVE this and have been able to keep up with my blog reading again now that its so easy.


before I was reading my blogs on myyahoo tabs, and it was awful . . .

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