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If you choose to do American history first..


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Well, I am not doing US history first, but thought an alternate history plan might help. (at leat it will bump you up). I basically have 2 5-year cycles. As far as keeping the kids together, that depends on what curriculum you choose. My younger one will start with Sea & Sky (WP has a young learner guide) and stay on the same time period as big sis.


1st- geography

2nd- Ancients (with WP HIH which uses SOTW ancients)

3rd- Middle Ages (with WP HIH which uses SOTW Middle Ages)

4th- US History with WP HIH which uses SOTW early Modern

5th- US History with WP HIH which uses SOTW modern

6th- WP Sea & Sky

7th- Ancients

8th- Middle Ages

9th- Royals and Revolution

10th- Modern History

11-12 US history and government

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Here is our schedule. We do two history cycles at the same time - American/World history and Classical/Ancient history. I put my older two children together and will put the younger two together.



K Intro to American and Fairy Tales

1 Intro to American and Fairy Tales

2 Intro to Ancient (through Greece) and Folk Tales

3 Intro to Ancient (through middle ages) and Folk Tales


(begin formal history)


4 1400-1650 and Mythology

5 1650-1800 and Mythology

6 1800-1950 and Prehistory/Creation

7 Modern/Civics and Ancient Near East

8 1100-1400 and Ancient Greece

9 1400-1600 and Ancient Greece

10 1600-1800 and Ancient Rome

11 1800-1900 and Ancient Rome and Early Middle Ages

12 Modern/Civics and Ancient Far East

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