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Weird foot/ankle pain....any ideas?

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One week before Matthew was born, I started having weird pain in my right foot. It is a sharp shooting pain if I twist my ankle a certain way. I also have pain across the top of my foot and toes. It feels like my skin is being pulled. The foot was slightly swollen. In the hospital, I asked about it and the Dr said I may have sprained it in the last few days of pregnancy and not realized. I have rested and cared for it. It is not better. Now I have the same.pain in my left foot. I think it may be a nerve. I had a pinched nerve in my back after my oldest was born. It caused foot pain and eventually a tingling and numbness of two toes. One trip to the chiropractor and it was all better.



Any ideas? The pain is on the outside of my ankle and foot.

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I know it sounds weird but you may have cracked/broken a small bone in your foot, especially since it happened late in pregnancy. It can take a long time to heal. Since then, you've probably stressed your other foot by trying to protect your hurt foot.


I'm not a medical professional. :tongue_smilie:

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