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Need quick help - liquid food coloring substitute?

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We are half way through a science experiment only to discover that all the little vials of liquid food coloring are missing from the (now deceptively empty:glare:) box in my pantry!


I have gel color. Our experiment is comparing physical & chemical testing - we are dissolving baking powder, XXX sugar, and baby powder into water, oil and vinegar. Last step is to add food color and observe.


If I mix a bit of gel color with each of the solutions, do you think that would work? Or should I use something else that I'd be likely to have on hand?

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Last step is to add food color and observe.


Are you supposed to just add a drop of color in and see how it spreads? If yes then you might want to dilute the gel coloring in some water beforehand or it will stay as a glob. Some of the colors dilute best in hot water. Then you can just dip a knife into the cup and let a drop fall into the solution.


Actually, even if you're mixing the coloring into the solution you might still want to dilute it first so it will mix in better.

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