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It's been a hard first week!

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Well we've nearly completed our first week. We are aiming for a 4 day week with our tech classes on Friday. We have a math test tomorrow, I'd like to decorate our notebooks for the books we've read and do some fun nature study. Fortunatly we don't have tech classes yet so it should be possible.


On the positive side we did find a lot of very nice moments as a family this week. We had a lovely first day and my heart was warm and overfilled. Yesterday afternoon we went out to the science and industry museum and it was so nice it evolved into 9 hours of true family time and everyone was happy. So much so we stayed up late chatting and started our day late today in our pj's. THat was lovely. I am so grateful.


On the flip side though ds challenged me. Left and right. He throws a fit over nearly everything I ask him to do. I've already made it easy and simple to start. I don't want to do that for too long as I don't want him getting used to it but I also wanted to start off easy. I just felt like how are we going to survive if he's throwing fits over the easy / light stuff?


With our dd our biggest struggle is helping her reclaim her love of reading. We are only assinging one book a month for her for SSR but she has to read everyday. So she is getting a lot of freedom to choose her own books for SSR. A year ago she was such a avid reader. Now she fights it. For her this was the #1 reason we pulled her from PS. They beat the love of reading out of her last year. I know it's only been a week but please tell me that she will find her love for books again!?


I'm exhausted. I pray we find our stride.

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