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Veritas Press Group Deal

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SAVE: Self-Paced History – Limited Time Group Offer!


Here is your opportunity to provide your child with these award-winning, highly engaging history courses for $50 off – possibly even for FREE!


As a Group Leader – You DON'T have to collect money! It's hassle-free!


Level 1 - $50 Off:

Your friends or group can pay just $149 each if you sign-up as a group of 10 or more


Level 2 - $50 Off for your group and yours is FREE!

Sign-up a group of 20 and not only do your group members pay just $149 each, but the 21st order – YOURS – is absolutely FREE!


The deadline for this offer is September 30th!


To sign up your group, please email your contact information as the primary group contact and include a list which includes the following for each group member:

Parent Name


Phone Number

Email Address

Each student name, birthdate, and specific course selection


Email to info@veritaspress.com. We will send you a coupon code to distribute to your group members which they can use to enroll in the course. No need for you to collect money or place the order all at once! This group code will also expire September 30th.

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