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S/o Switching from Henle to Second Form Latin...??


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Hi! Sahamamamma suggested in another thread that it might be more user friendly than Henle, and allow us to move more consistently through (we spend a fair amount of time figuring out WHERE the information is in Henle, as there are a few books).


I am reluctant to change as I don't like curriculum hopping and Henle has worked quite well for DS so far. But I like the way Second Form Latin looks--certainly easier on the eyes, and perhaps DS will find it easier to retain information when the layout is more pleasing.


I am assuming, since we're on Henle Unit 4, that we would begin with Second Form rather than First Form, but I could be wrong. Also, the cost is a bit much right now for us, so I think I would have to sell some curriculum first (MCT Island Complete Set, anyone? :tongue_smilie:) Does one need the DVDs?

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My understanding is that the Form series (or maybe just FF?) contains less translation than Henle. For my dd, translation played a big role in retaining information (think along the lines of learning math facts by practice vs. rote memorization). There may be a way to add translation.


Take a look at the TOC for FF - if I recall, it's a different sequence from the first quarter of Henle, so I'd want to be sure that those topics were already covered before moving to SF.


I'm with you on the format consideration.

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