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MIA after move - keys to china cabinet and desk! Where, oh where could they be?

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Unpacking china and such and was ready to load up the cabinet when, much to my dismay, the key isn't in the door. Understandable, of course. But I have not found it wrapped in a box (and all the dining room stuff they packed is unloaded), in a drawer of the cabinet itself, or among the things from the "parts box." The movers took the actual parts box when they left last Friday. I suppose they thought it was empty??? Maybe it wasn't? Ack!! I had hoped the china cabinet key was among the curio shelf pins, but to no avail. Then I realized the center desk drawer also has a key. It isn't there either. Haven't gone through the desk boxes yet though.


I hope they weren't wrapped and thrown in a box! They are so small! I have tried to make sure I haven't missed anything. Packers have interesting ideas about packing things sometimes! I found all of my daily silverware wrapped in one big bundle in its tray along with a light bulb! :001_huh:


So, any ideas of where I might look? The china cabinet is old-ish. Probably from the 50's. Had a skeleton key. Desk is newer but had this FAT, short skeleton key.


What can I do if I cannot locate them? Can a locksmith help me with skeleton keys? I texted the moving company guy who said he would "check into it." Puh-lease!

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