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Which Latin?  

  1. 1. Which Latin?

    • Latin for Children A
    • Visual Latin
    • Lively Latin
    • Just use Song School Latin 2 for both boys

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I haven't seen a sample yet of what Song School Latin 2 is going to be like, so I think some of this depends on that. We are currently doing Song School Latin with ds5 and ds7 (8 next month). I was planning on getting Song School Latin 2 for my younger for next year, but something more advanced for my older, who will be going into third grade next year (2013-2014). I am trying to decide between Latin for Children (I like the look of this one in the sample), Visual Latin (don't like that I will have to print it out), and Lively Latin (which would be the most expensive if I got the hard copy). I am leaning towards Latin for Children because I like the package that comes with the workbook, dvd, etc. I need something with the pronunciation because I am not familiar with it at all. We are really enjoying SSL. I know there have been a lot of threads on this lately, but I'm wondering which you think would work best for a bright 3rd grader with a mom who likes to have the materials handy and ready to go.

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