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I know SWB will not do conventions after this year....will she do the one at her plac

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She had the small group conference or writing seminar at her place last February. I know she is not doing conventions next year. Did she mention doing a small one at her farm again? We want to go so bad but need to make sure I budget for it if she will have it again.





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Hey Holly, not that it answers your SWB question, but did you see CHEO got Doug Phillips for their convention? I don't think they even have it up on their website yet. They just sent around an email about it. So that's a big name for CHEO and SWB not going to be in Cincy. I forecast a bit of a shift. I know I didn't make it to the Doug Phillips talks when he was in Cincy, so I'm definitely interested to head to CHEO this year and hear him. I haven't been to CHEO in a few years, but Cincy is really looking ho-hum, same old, same old.

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No idea. My daughter and I left in a hurry to escape the impending snow storm so so we didn't get them on site. I guess they are doing a lot of editing? I'm really regretting not waiting to get them there but I thought we could buy them shortly after.


We all did! Everyone had to abandon ship there at the end! And I agree about not buying them on site. Really kicking myself now.

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