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Has anyone heard of MindUp?

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Scientific American Mind ran an article last month about




"a comprehensive social and emotional learning program for pre-kindergarten through eighth-grade students, [which] is informed by current research in the fields of cognitive neuroscience, mindful education, social and emotional learning, positive psychology, and evidence-based teaching practices."



This curriculum is already being used in some American public schools. It was developed by Goldie Hawn and her foundation. Who knew? Not me.


MindUp claims to "help students become more resilient, focused and mindful learners." Lessons include deep belly breathing, attentive listening and brain physiology.


I am trying not to jump to any conclusions. Has anyone heard about this? I am off to re-read the article and dive into some research.

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I know this is a really old thread, but I have a question about MindUp and hopefully someone will notice this. :)


They make 3 versions of this curriculum, based on grade level. I'm looking at the 3-5 and/or the 6-8 versions.


Is this the kind of program you'd work through one level then go on to do the next, or would you only do one? They both say they have 15 lessons, and sound similar. It's hard to tell without looking at them if they cover the same material or if one is significantly more in-depth. I don't mind buying both if they will be helpful, but my son tends to check out if things are too easy or become repetitive without noticeable advancement. Any info would be appreciated.

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