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Made my day!

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Today was the typical, busy errand running Wednesday. I had to take all the kids to the library, the dr, gymnastics, Walmart and The Fresh Market. I was feeling a little blah today.


I sent DS11 in to return books and pick out a few more titles at the library. He came out with a book that our AMAZING librarian picked out for him based on the types of books he's read in the past. She nailed it and he's been happily reading every chance he gets. He told me he's got that "I love this book and this is a whole new series I get to read" feeling. Love it! :D


When I stopped by The Fresh Market to pick up milk (we buy non homogenized milk there) I checked out and headed to the van. I had both gallons of milk in one hand and was unlocking the back of the van when I dropped one of the gallons of milk which started spurting everywhere. I was so hot, tired and bothered that there was no way I was going to go exchange the milk even though I'd just paid $5.50 for it. I turned it over so the hole was on top and DS said he would hold it in his lap until we got home where I could transfer it to another container. As DS was getting in the van an employee ran out with another gallon of milk and told us she would gladly take the busted gallon. She saw what happened and went and got the same brand from the very back of the store without being asked. That was such an unexpected blessing!


Little things make sure a difference in your day! Did anyone else have something good happen to them today?

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What an amazing trip to the grocery store!


Today was not great. But something made my day tonight. Around 8, the doorbell rang. I was slightly annoyed that there was a 13ish year old boy at the door selling coupons for something other. I'm a sucker, so I dug out my checkbook while the kids were bouncing all around. But my heart melted as the kid was about to leave and he asked me if I was the babysitter! It was worth $20 bucks to hear some kid think that I looked young enough that I could be the babysitter. Totally put a smile on my face.

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