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Does forms of dyslexia appear in siblings?

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Ds 7 is 2e with dyslexia and dysgraphia. Dd5 has always seemed "flighty". She is a wonderful artist, has great handwriting. She can look at an object and reproduce it on paper. The poor kid has the worst time with counting. She can count to 10 and that's it. She cannot grasp the concept of days and weeks. She also has hot and cold backwards. She will ask for a jacket if i tell her its hot. I've worked over and over with her. She seems to be on track learning letters and sounds. I don't think she's even close to having the same iq as my son even though Ive read siblings are typically a few points apart. Could this be the beginning of dyscalcula? Any other suggestions? I just don't get how they are complete opposites in every way!

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SM, you wrote that she cannot grasp the concept of days and weeks, which uses the same conceptual thinking as numbers.

Where this conceptual thinking uses Spacial thinking.

We concieve of space using both sides of the brain, with one side concieved of as the beginning point, and other side as the end point. Which creates a space between them.

So that if we think of the word 'year'.

We actually concieve of it spacially, and if we set 'year' as the end point one side of the brain?

Then we can divide the space up in between both sides, into 12 spacial units, and call them months.

But crucially, spacial thinking is what we use to concieve of 'quantity', so that when we think of the words year or month, we sense them as a quantity. Where this space can be further divided into increasingly smaller spacial units, of weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds.

So that we have a sense of how long a minute or an hour is?

Though numbers are equally sensed spacially, so that 10 is concieved of as a spacial quantity.

Where you wrote that she can count to 10, but this may have no more meaning, than reciting the first 10 letters of alphabet?

But does she sense the numbers to 10 as different sized quantities?

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