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Just want to say hi :)

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Little Fish is now in 6th grade at the charter school with the House Terrorist, K-5. I just wanted to pop over and say hey. I have seen many of you post on the other boards.


Of course, we will be afterschooling! :lol: The world is full of knowledge and life is full of lessons!


We are excited to join the school after waiting for two years. Wish us luck. We are spoiled by sleeping in late and doing math at 12am. LOL

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Hi Chrissy! As from Sept 4th I'll have two in school and two at home. I fully intend to afterschool DS13 and DS11: DS13 needs help with writing, and DS11 is keen to keep up with Latin. I do feel a little apprehensive though, as I'm sure their enthusiasm will wane.


Good luck to you!

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Yes, Cindy. I will be blogging soon and bringing my site up to date.


It is a very different style of learning, Montessori. I am glad that I homeschooled though. :) She is way ahead of her classmates, but we didn't tell the school! So, I have had to think outside the box and really focus on mastery resources as well as making up for where the Montessori method may fall short in my classical idealism.


PM me anytime and I will shoot you my email address. I love a good chat.


Good luck to everyone for the brand new year - I look forward to it with you!

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