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New group for Liberal Christians

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IDK exactly what "liberal" means (I'm mostly libertarian - is that conservative? I'm never sure), and am definitely Christian, but I also believe women belong in ministry, being gay isn't a sin and that if abortion wasn't discussed in the bible it has no place in church or political discourse... so I joined. I hope I belong!

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I am very liberal in my theological perspectives, conservative in other areas of my life. I am a conundrum to most! HAHA! I have belonged to a United Church of Christ congregation for the past 7 years, coming from the complete opposite side at a very fundamental independent Baptist congregation when I was quite young. It took me 3 or 4 years to really figure out that the God I was hearing about was not the God I knew, but I thought that meant I could not be a "real" Christian. Many, many years later I sought out a church as I wanted out kids raised interacting with a congregation. I couldn't have found a better fit, either theologically with its openness or in terms of a congregation enveloping us in its arms.


However, as it relates to homeschooling, it really throws our friends in church for a loop. As UCC'ers, we tend to lean more towards pro-public ed (many retired teachers and social workers in our congregations), and it took awhile for folks to understand that this was not a fundamentalist move on our part, but indeed a desire for us to expose our children to more than just a classroom. Once people "got it" we have had an amazing amount of help from people teaching our kids, working with them in all kinds of ways...they saw a new side of homeschooling that was not repugnant to them, and could envision a new type of education that was new to them. Now, many have changed their minds about homeschooling.


We don't have many children in our congregation though, only one other family who attends regularly. It leaves us without the support many find at more fundamental congregations for friendships for our kids. IT is working fine, but there are moments I am a bit envious of those who homeschool and attend churches with large youth groups, etc.



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