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Does anyone Buy Food in Bulk over the internet?

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I order through Azure Standard with my co-op. I can get high quality, organic products for great prices.


:iagree: this is where I buy my stuff too...awesome!!!!! especially if you can meet the truck close by...then you can order anything...including frozen and cold items.

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We buy things like dishwater tablets, razors, and toothpaste on Ebay, of all places. It's so much cheaper. I just got 400 dishwasher tablets for $40 the other day. Shipping was free, too.

Who is the seller for our dish tablets? That would last us almost a year and that would be great to get in bulk and be done!

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I buy canned and dry food from Amazon. Pasta, brown rice, tomato paste, crackers, cereal, oatmeal, granola bars, etc. I even buy foods for dh and dd to take to lunch, like little cans of tuna salad and hummus. I got into the habit of buying online last year when we had to fly to the store (and pay $0.50 a pound to ship it home). Did you know you can get good quality dog food on Amazon for just a little more than you'd pay at Costco - and with free shipping?


I've looked at Azure but it's intimidating because I don't know the brands and types of food. Amazon is like shopping at Costco.

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