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Ideas for follow through


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I sort of remember a discussion about this recently (here?) so if it's a repeat I apologize!


dd (9) has all these great projects going (on her own) and I see parts and pieces of these things around the house and watch them begin to take shape and think, wow! that's cool! and then her interest and her work on the projects peters out.


I don't really care that she doesn't "finish" any one thing, since these are all her own ideas and creations, but I DO think it's important for her to see some of them through to fruition (whatever SHE thinks that might be). Am I making sense?


I also know that the first step in helping her follow through would be to encourage her (and I do) but she seems to get obsessed with one thing after another and each for only a short period of time.


I'd love ideas that you have used to keep your gifted kid interested in what they started so that they can follow through with one of their great ideas and take pride in their completed project.

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That's a good idea. Thanks.


Ironically, we had a conversation about this very thing yesterday. She brought it up. :)


I told her I would help her and she had some pretty good ideas for completing her current project (collecting small "pets" in jars) and researching them and how to care for them. She's going to put together a book. :)

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