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Need Advice on Henle I Latin

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After a lot of debate my ds 15 and I have decided to do Latin instead of French for his high school foreign language. The local high schools offer it so it is a good alternative. He has some background in Greek/Latin roots but not any real Latin Study. What would you recommend for a first time Latin course for him?

Memoria Press website says he can start with units 1-5 in Henle I. I just don't want to overwhelm him.

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For online I have heard good things about Lukeion with a teacher called Mr. Barr.


Start with Prima Latina, Latina Christiana. You can do those two books in one weekend and kick off the Latin in a painless way.


There are some good books by

a guy called Seigel.


My friend does Glencoe Latin and

her child seems well-prepared.


DS takes Latin at a local Co-op.

The teacher uses Ecce Romani (textbook)

and they covered half of it in

one year, so they go very, very slowly. I supplemented with the

Seigel books and DS got Outstanding

Achievement on the Intro to Latin

National Latin Examination.


So--there are many ways to go!

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Unless your child loves Latin, is naturally very studious or you are willing to learn it with him, consider using an online course. MODG syllabus is good, but unless there is a high degree of motivation or interest he will hit a roadblock within the first month.


I should have mentioned that online classes are not really a possibility, he doesn't really like sitting at the computer that much. Although we did watch some free videos of Virtual Latin today and he liked them. They were short and interesting. He is motivated and interested in learning Latin so at least I don't have to worry about that .

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