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Computer games for 9 year old....Suggestions Please!

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My son is turning 9 this month, and for the first time in his life he has NO requests for gifts. All he wanted was a digital camera, and my inlaws are getting that for him. He's very much into computer games, with his genres of choice being real time strategy and turn-based strategy games. His two favorites right now are Warcraft 3 and Heroes of Might and Magic V. Could you guys recommend some pc games I might purchase for him, that he would enjoy? I don't have the patience for most games like that, so I'm totally unfamilar with what he would enjoy. I was thinking about a Sim City game, but they've changed so much since I played the first one 18 years ago, lol - I have no idea if the new ones would be something he'd like.



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Well, I've done some browsing at Amazon, and I think I'm going to get him Civilization 3 with the expansion packs. Any thoughts on this game?


My son has that though we have had some sort of computer glitch that is causing it to crash now.:glare:


It is a GREAT game, very involved and challenging. The year we got it we happened to be on year 1 in our SOTW so Gabriel loved trying to make his civilization keep pace with our history studies.


This is free, but if he likes Civ3 and he is allowed some online time, my son and now my daughter both play Tribal Wars.

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