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? for those using Typing Instructor for Kids


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DS started using Typing Instructor for Kids a while back. He is semi-independent, with my just peeking in every now and then, so I don't really understand the program that well.


He has"learned" about half the keyboard so far.


My question is, when we open the program, he doesn't have any choice about where to go - he can just click the Go button and it puts him where it wants him. It seems like the program pushes him along (teaches new keys) even if he is not really doing that well in his WPM. I would really rather he just be able at this point to choose some different games to play using the keys he knows, just to continue practicing and having fun. Is that possible?


It seems like what actually happens is he has to type a long passage, then play one game, then type another long passage with a new key, then play one game, then type another long passage with another new key involved , then play one game. He gets tired of typing the long nonsensical passages, and really I'd be fine with him playing about five games per passage, because the passage seems more like a "test", whereas the games are fun (and helpful) practice. Am I missing something?


What happens once he knows all the keys? (at least in theory, even if he is still slow as molasses) Does it ever just let him choose games he wants to play?

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The program does allow them to move along if they don't know all the keys perfectly. The games are a lot more fun when the student is proficient with the particular letters, so it's self-adjusting for my kids. THey tend to stay in one place for a long time before moving on, just because they are enjoying being better at the games. But then, when they are really tired of those games, having played them out so to speak, they choose to move to different letters themselves.


I was VERY confused when we got this program, and I kept wondering why the program didn't control what they were doing more...that seemed the whole point of having computer software.


But I realize now it's ok the way it is. My kids are doing great, and learning to type very well.


BUT, I am not in control of the pace- they are. (without realizing it)


so this is one area where I have just decided not to worry about it...and it has worked out great anyway.

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AH HA! I just figured it out. We didn't know about Explorer Isle, so we couldn't figure out how to play any games other than the one you get to play after typing a long passage with new keys. DS really needed more practice than that before getting new keys every time, so that is why I was frustrated and feeling like the program was pushing him along. Now that I figured out to click on Explorer Isle, then he can just do that and get his practice (and fun) before having to go on to another lesson.


Thanks for the input. I just knew I was missing something!!

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