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WWYD for math with my somewhat accelerated 6yo


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Abby has completed year one for both MEP AND Singapore Math. She FLEW through most of SM1. MEP 1 seemed to slow her down a bit with it's constant puzzles. I like MEP and how it makes her think and stretch her knowledge. Unfortunately, though, MEP does cause the occasional meltdown. Part of the disconnect is that she is capable of much higher level of computation, however I have her in a lower section because the puzzles or whatever are completely appropriate.


Do I skip her forward in MEP? Do I move her to Singapore with CWP/IP? Do we stay where we are because she does get frustrated? (I do wonder sometimes if she's getting frustrated because the math is too easy? But I do want schoolwork--at 6--to be almost too easy...

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I hope you don't mind if I listen in. We are in a similar situation. My daughter is nearly done with 1b, and she just finished the 1st year of our other math program as well.


I'm finding that a lot of her conflict is her wanting to completely understand something on the first round. A lot of those are concepts that the lesson plans imply will be revisited and built upon in the future, and aren't expected to be mastered yet. But she wants to do it on her own and in her head. The complicated inequalities that the lesson plans say to demonstrate on the number line are a perfect example of this for us. I'm glad that she wants to understand what she is doing and why, but she is asking a lot more from herself than the program is. Is there any chance this is the same thing your daughter is doing?

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I have an Abi too! She is also very bright. I am sure I could bump her ahead but I don't because I don't think it is really the best thing for her.


MEP informed me recently that, ideally, the school year should be 50% review and 50% new concepts. That helped me tremendously! That's about what we have now so we are sticking to it. Now, I don't give the lessons if it is repetitive and she understand the concept but I do daily go over the mental maths at the beginning of the lessons and any parts of the lesson that are puzzles etc.


We are finishing up Year 5 and starting Year 6 this year.


Good luck and God Bless,


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