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HIGH SCHOOL MOTHERLODE #1 -- links to past threads on: Getting Started, Resources, Schedules, Tests, etc.

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Welcome to High School Motherlode #1 -- the first "motherlode" of linked threads on high school topics. There is also a college motherlode of linked threads on preparing for/applying to/attending college AND a few post-high school topics that are NOT college related. Enjoy exploring the amazing collected wisdom of The Hive! (In case links break, I have listed threads by their original subject heading, and have also provided the original post date and poster for search in various ways.) Warmest regards, Lori D.

topics linked in first 2 posts of this thread

CREATED: Aug. 2012



page 1 topics:
High School Time Table (what to do/when for each year of high school)
Teaching Executive Function Skills
Preparing for High School
Addressing Fears
Getting Started
Books & Resources
Making a High School Plan
Time Management
High School on a Budget
Accreditation / Cover Schools

page 2 topics:
tests -- info and comparisons on:
- PSAT  (National Merit Scholarship qualifying test)
- ACT / SAT  (frequent college entrance requirement)
- SAT Subject  (also called SAT II)
- AP  (Advanced Placement courses & tests)
- CLEP  (college credit by exam)
- GED  (high school diploma equivalency test)
- ASVAB  (military entrance exam)
- Compass/Accuplacer  (college placement test)
- IB (International Baccalaureatte program / diploma), and comparison with AP


High School Motherlode #2 --  pinned thread at top of high school board
page 1
- transcripts / credits / grading & GPA
- honors designation
- record keeping / course description / letter of recommendation
- graduation / diploma
page 5
- homeschool subjects (English, Math, Science, Foreign Language, Electives)
- making your own courses
- extracurricular activities
- outsourcing / online classes / dual enrollment

Going to College Motherlode  --  pinned thread at top of college board
page 1 = college search / college visits / online college
page 2 = college applications / Common App (including more on transcripts, course descriptions, etc.)
page 3 = financial aid / scholarships / FAFSA and CSS Profile
page 4 = Honors Programs / Internships / NCAA
page 5 = heading to college / at college / overseas studies
page 6 = alternatives to college / gap year / military / career exploration



Reference threads
High School "Time Table"
(deadlines + what to do/when in each year of high school and for college prep) -- Mar 4 2012, Lori D.
College [prep] checklist: heading into 11th grade, what should we be doing? — Jan 24 2018, mirabillis
What do "seventh" and "ninth" grade look like to you? (brain development and goals for the average student for grades 7-12) -- May 31 2012, Colleen in SEVA
Could you point me to a list? (what type of classes "count" for what type of subjects/credits) -- Aug 13 2013, MomOfOneFunOne
Can you help me decipher some terms please? (defines: Honors, AP, “regular”, high school, and college) — Apr 15 2018, chocolate-chip chooky
Explicitly teaching executive function skills (great descriptions of techniques for helping atypical learners, esp. in learning how to study/learn) -- Sept 30 2018, lewelma

Preparing for high school (looking ahead from middle school)
If you knew then what you know now 
(what would you do differently for Logic stage years) -- Feb 25 2009, MSNative
High school parents: looking back what would be your ideal for 7th/8th grades -- Jan 15 2009, at the beach
8th grade goals: What skills do your kids need to practice before high school? -- May 14 2015, Chrysalis Academy
Looking back (what you would do differently to prepare for high school work) -- Oct 19 2008, Guest
Hypothetical question: What to do for the 4 years before public high school? -- July 2 2013, Walking-Iris
How best to prepare for high school? — Feb 2 2016, Gwenny
Pressing through the middle years of homeschooling: how do you do it? -- Nov 11 2014, Chrysalis Academy

Addressing Fears about homeschooling High School
The "There Will Be Gaps" thread -- June 2 2013, swimmermom3
Damn...now things are starting to feel real -- Jun 28 2015, SparklyUnicorn
To all you people with 8th graders (or there abouts) (encouragement of what to do in 8th to get ready) -- Nov 18 2008, Nan in Mass
For those of you with 8th graders considering homeschooling high school (encouragement of what high school can look like) -- Jan 30 2008, Nan in Mass
Will I ruin my kid's life by homeschooling for high school, and other questions -- Apr 1 2015, NoPlaceLikeHome
Talk to Me About High School Fears (will my homeschool transcripts/records be accepted by colleges?) -- Mar 11 2009, debbiec  
Teaching a high schooler next year.. I am terrified! (encouragement of what is needed, how to plan) -- Nov 30 2014, kfeusse 
Approaching high school, confidence flying out the window (can I do it at home? what about outsourcing? extracurriculars?) -- Oct 21 2014, Calming Tea
How do you plan high school for the child that you've got? (big thread; how to support interests AND complete academic credits?) --  Jan 21 2015, Chrysalis Academy
Please describe the reality of homeschooling high school (time commitment; typical day; what do you do) -- June 1 2016, EKT

Homeschool vs. Public (or Private) High School vs. Classical Conversations Challenge
Pros and cons of homeschooling high school — Aug 2 2016, Jean in Newcastle
Just curious: why do you send you DC to public school [for high school] (discussion on why/why not homeschool high school) — June 2 2017, extrafor6
Rising 9th grader wants to try public school — Feb 1 2018, Tumbatoo
When you teen decides, “I think I want to try high school next year.” (experiences?) — Sept 21 2016, Elfknitter.#
Classical Conversations Challenge for high school - experiences? -- May 19 2017, diaper joys



Overview/Topics to Start With
Can someone link me to a nice 4-year overview for high school? (lots of topics: planning, required credits, tips, info on tests, etc.) -- Feb 22 2014, Halcyon
I need a guidance counselor (addresses fears, tips on planning, ideas for outsourcing, info on tests, etc.) -- Mar 20 2015, SaprklyUnicorn
Starting over again - homeschooling in 8th-12th grades questions (good overview of all the "getting started" topics) -- Oct 14 2014, snipsnsnailsx5
My son is starting high school this year (linked resources, tips, and gentle steps from posters on getting started) -- Jan 13 2013, faiths13
High school curriculum, where do I start?? (how to decide what credits to do, and then how to select curriculum) -- Dec 26 2012, mamakelly
Homeschooling high school... where to begin? (links to threads on specific topics: getting started, curriculum, credits, transcripts, etc.) -- Oct 14 2010, iwjeanie
Where to start? Which resources, etc.? -- Jan 23 2013, profmom
Soon to be high schooler (where do I start?) - Feb 7 2010, scrapbabe

Books and Resources
Need book suggestion for help in homeschooling through high school 
-- Feb 7 2009, Debbi in Texas
High School at Home (books/resources to help?) -- Mar 9 2009, Pensguys
Homeschooling High School (suggest books for overall planning/getting started) -- Jan 19 2009, Chelle in MO
Homeschooling high school with limited resources (need resource ideas) — Jan 20 2018, Entropymama

High School on a Budget
Free homeschool curriculum and resources (mega list, all ages, including high school) -- Feb 20 2017, shinyhappypeople
A free high school curriculum list -- May 24 2014, Karen
Looking to outsource: need ideas to make it affordable -- Nov 11, 2017, diaperjoys
Homeschooling high school with limited resources -- Jan 20 2018, Entropymama
Homeschooling high school on a very tigt budget, the duct tape and WD40 way
 -- Jun 8 2016, frugalmamtax
Is this even possible: homeschool high school for free or very cheap -- Sept 13 2016, Um_2_4
Rigorous high school (esp. 9th and 10th) on a shoe string -- Jan 24 2016, Calming Tea
High school on a budget? -- Sept 30 2015, Calming Tea
s/o Minimalist schooling: poverty schooling? (ideas for all grades, as well as high school) -- Dec 28 2016, frugalmamatx
How would you home school high school without internet and lots of driving? — Nov 29 2015, Pen
Oldschooling Homeschooling for High School (a number of low cost ideas) -- June 8 2016, frugalmamtx



General Discussions
The breadth vs. depth question -- July 7 2010, swimmermom3
Broad vs. Focused study in high school and how to find balance? -- Mar 18 2013, Kfamily
Are we all crazy? How can a kid get everything done in high school homeschool? -- Mar 16 2010, titianmom
To parents of freshmen, sophomores next year (4 types of college admissions, and why you have to plan ahead in the high school years) -- Apr 25 2014, Nan in Mass
NOT planning for college (options? how would that change high school?) -- Feb 19 2016, shinyhappypeople
What is a "good" education? -- Jan 16 2019, zyxwvut

Making a High School Plan
Looking forward toward high school 
(time line, planning credits, how to make a plan, picking curriculum) -- Jan 2 2016, Sebastian (a lady) 
When formulating a high school plan (what factors to consider?) -- Feb 10 2010, razorbackmama
To parents of freshmen, sophomores next year (4 types of college admissions; why you have to plan ahead in high school) -- 25 Apr 2014, Nan in Mass

How many credits / college prep & graduation requirements
How many credits for all of high school? -- Dec 16 2016, Garga
5 or 6 classes a year per year in high school? — Sept 30 2014, LNC
Hold my hand: help with 9th grade plan? -- Apr 16 2017, Lucy the Valiant
Advice for 9th grade planning (includes discussion on over-scheduling, balance/not burning out student, etc.) -- Nov 28 2016, popehj
Frustrated with meeting college requirements vs. our own -- Sept 13 2011, Kfamily
Another transcript issue for us: # of credits (will 30+ credits be too much?) -- Aug 31 2018, Evanthe
Graduation requirements (how to plan credits over high school; college prep set of credits; what an English credit looks like) -- Aug 31 2017, provenance61

Time Management
How do we get all of the things we want to cover crammed into 4 years of high school? Looking for advice from seasoned moms 
— Feb 19 2018, housemouse
OMG! Please tell me this is typical and it gets better -- Sept 28 2016, reefgazer
A homeschooled day week in the life of a teen -- May 4 2015; Quark
Please tell me this is typical and gets better -- Sept 28 2016, reefgazer
High school planning angst - time, credits, depth, oh my -- Dec 5 2015, Chrysalis Academy
Too many hours doing school work vs. just being a kid -- Feb 27 2016, dereksurfs
Typical length of hours for academics in high school? -- May 30 2017, j_thurm

Specific Ideas for Scheduling
Planning 4 or 5 days/week? Some other method? -- May 12 2012, OHElizabeth
Scheduling questions -- how much in a day? (ideas for not overloading/keeping a balance) -- Aug 14 2014, Brandicm
Scheduling: time on task vs. set amount of time/subject vs. predetermined assignments -- Aug 28 2014, g1234
Scheduling -- Nov 7 2013, Woodland Mist Academy
I'm toying with block scheduling (last post includes links to more threads on block scheduling) -- Aug 30 2012, Jean in Newcastle



Various Teen Topics
Seeking advice on teen boys :)
— Feb 12 2018, lewber
How organized should a 16-year-old be? — April 9 2018, borninthesouth
How much do you interact with or talk with your high schooler throughout the school day? — Mar 20 2018, hopeistheword
“Why Aren’t American Teenagers Working Anymore?” (link to article; sparked much discussion) — June 11 2017, Melissa M
Helping our young adults find the “bright side”? — June 1 2017, swimmermom3
Depth and Passion? (how to help your student develop this?) — Feb 21 2018, Jazzy
Is anyone else’s senior just worn out? — Mar 22 2017, Attolia
Interest-led AND college-bound? — Feb 6 2018, PeachyDoodle

Smart yet unmotivated teen — Jan 24 2018, leeannpal
How do you handle an intentionally difficult high schooler? -- Nov 30 2017, Sharon37217
Homeschooling a reluctant teenager -- Dec 30 2017, 2ndGenHomeschooler
How to deal with a teen that doesn't want to do anything -- Aug 31 2015, GypsyHomesteader
Tired of dealing with this kid (bright, NOT motivated, behind -- just graduate him?) -- May 2 2016, razorbackmama

Accelerate / skip a grade / graduate early
Red shirting an accelerated learner? (discussion covers several topics on this subject) -- July 17 2018, JRmommy
2e high school - pushing a highly-gifted low-energy teen -- Apr 29 2017, tj_610
If your child is accelerated does s/he graduate early? -- June 5 2015, JadeOrchidSong
Graduate early (gifted)? (your experiences?) -- Aug 22 2016, StephanieZ
Has anyone decided last minute to graduate their junior early (posters pose good questions to think through) -- Oct 28 2016, prairie~phlox
Skipping junior year? (any repercussions with earlier PSAT or ASVAB tests and declaring a grade?) -- May 18 2015, jetzmama
I can't decide whether this is my DD's 9th or 10th grade year -- Aug 17 2018, Calming Tea
No outsourcing and now potentially no Dual Enrollment: WWYD? Graduate early? — Feb 17 2018, frugalmamatx

"Just Average"
Does anyone on this board have a NON-superstar high school student?
— Jan 17 2015, Kinsa
High school AS high school — Feb 16 2012, Kim in SouthGa
Anyone just doing average work in high school? — Aug 1 2012, scrapbabe
s/o “average” work in high school: when did you know that’s how it would be? — Sept 9 2012, JaneP
I want to share some very average PSAT scores — Dec 8 2012, teachermom283
Launching an average kid — Sept 8 2017, Jazzy
I would like to hear from moms of “average” kids who want to go to college — Aug 13 2012, Kris in Wis
Anyone with extraordinarily average students attending college? — Dec 19 2017, dereksurfs
I get so depressed reading some posts on this board (anyone else NOT have over-achievers?) — Feb 11 2016, kfeusse
I need former slacker teen success stories today — Mar 9 2018, texasmom33

"Behind" (due to illness or other) / LDs (Learning Disabilities)
Learning disabilities and college admission
(and accommodations for tests) -- Feb 11 2017, AmyinMD
Accommodations for teen with ADHD, anger, and depression — Jan 22 2018, Zoo Keeper
Do you tell your student's online teachers about LDs? -- Jan 11 2016, AppleGreen
Online high school for someone who is behind (due to illness) — Jan 30 2018, Joyce Gripe
High school with a chronic illness -- Aug 15 2017, Chrysalis Academy
Online high school for someone who is behind -- Jan 30 2018, Joyce Gripe
Very behind in math: need some advice for best path forward -- Mar 8 2018, ILiveInFlipFlops



Living overseas and need help with homeschool diploma -- Jun 20 2022, Kencam
Homeschooling internationally with an accredited online high school -- Aug 27 2019, Nikki Dee
Can I get some clarification? Accredited vs not (is it the school/organization that is accredited, or can curricula be accredited?) -- Jan 9 2017, heartlikealion
Accreditation: how important is it? -- Feb 12 2018, momof2cowboys
In this situation would an accredited transcript be worth it? (not going beyond high school, or only to trade school) -- Feb 2 2018, HSmomof2
9th grade: seek accredited program or not (in case ending up at public high school or trade school) -- May 14 2016, blue darling
Accreditation (how GA homeschoolers can be accredited) -- June 19 2012, Momto MERLD
Accredited diploma programs for high school -- Apr 21 2017, HSmomof2

Cover / Umbrella Schools
NARHS documentation for diploma -- Mar 13 2019, Hilltopmom
Does accreditation matter for outsourced classes? -- Mar 9 2022, EKT
Using a cover school for only 9th and 10th: cons? — Mar 14 2018, MamaSprout
Accredited diploma programs [cover school] for high school (which ones let me choose the curricula) -- Apr 21 2017, HSmomof2
NARHS: any experience with them? — Mar 8 2018, bluebonnetgirl
Options for earning a high school diploma (what program/organization oversees credits and awards diplomas?) -- Feb 27 2016, Daria

State Requirements
Do you base [your homeschool] high graduation school requirements on local public school standards? -- May 15 2018, Innisfree
Do I have to follow state [public school] graduation requirements? -- Dec 11, 2014 Veritaserum
State requirements for graduation (do you follow public school requirements or not?)  -- Apr 1 2016, Pronghorn
Determining your graduation requirements (how/when did you decide?) -- Nov 12 2015, MissMousie
Graduation requirements (what are yours?) -- May 9 2015, FreeIndeed
College requires proof of meeting high school graduation requirements -- Dec 12 2016, Amoco

     California a-g
California charter schools and a-g requirements -- Apr 16 2017, LAmom
If you plan to apply to UC schools, list your courses here: another a-g thread -- Sept 10 2016, mirabillis
UC a-g online vendors: a lot are being dropped -- Mar 20 2018, Calbear
A-g -- July 4 2018, happycc
College admissions requirement: accredited high school (CA colleges and a-g requirements) -- Feb 17 2015, Cakes
Accredited high school diploma needed for community college (is this needed in CA or for a-g requirements?) -- May 31 2017, Virlizorchid99

     New Jersey
Is this too much for 9th grade? (NJ credit requirements + topics of college prep set of credits, how to include "extras", etc.) -- Jan 4 2017, CatholicMom
Graduation requirements (translating NJ 5 credits = 1 credit + other topics) -- Aug 31 2017, provenance61

     New York

Anyone in upstate NY? Can you please fill me in? -- Feb 27 2018, EKT
Tired of NYS -- Apr 19 2016, Blossom'sGirl
NY wanting proof of high school diploma -- Oct 2 2015, Nancy in NH

Not exactly new, but need help (PA credit requirements + topics of blending public high school & homeschool -- June 26 2016, kozureokami


topics / links continue on next page

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CREATED: Aug. 2012


Why all the AP classes/ tests (discussion on AP; also halfway through the thread, a post includes a description of every test, its purpose, and pros/cons for that test) -- May 26 2017, momacacia
Thoughts on standardized tests/prep (long thread, wide-ranging discussion) -- Apr 3 2018, SKL
Test anxiety: what can I do? -- Dec 25 2016, borninthesouth
Alphabet test prep (favorite test prep materials for all the different tests?) -- Feb 23 2016, Breton
High scholarship earners: which test and at which grade did your high schooler take? — Mar 9 2018, Momto4inSoCal
High school without taking AP, CLEP, or Dual Enrollment — Nov 24 2015, Bear23

How to prepare for psychoeducational testing? (start of the process) -- Dec 6 2018, Garga
UPDATE IN POST #1: Whine about request time for the SAT (rest of the process and final outcome) -- Feb. 12, 2019, Garga
SAT accommodations -- Feb 16 2019, Lyssaflin2,
Accommodations for dyslexia (how do you get testing accommodations?) — Jan 21 2018, Rebecca
College Board accommodations (for testing) — Jan 13 2017, gingersmom

Master List of Testing Sites (AP sites that are homeschool friendly) -- July 31 2019, daijobu


PSAT-NMSQT (Preliminary SAT / National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test)

Overview topics
What do parents need to know about the PSAT? -- May 13 2015, athena1277
PSAT: why? when? -- Aug 12 2009, Myra
Now: Ruminations about the PSAT (various PSAT topics discussed) -- Oct 4 2016, RootAnn
PSAT questions (how to sign up; should 10th graders take it as practice; NMS process) -- Aug 7 2016, Woodland Mist Academy
PSAT question re: timing and early graduation (what if student took it in 10th, which is now 11th?) -- Jan 14 2017, Lucy the Valient
Advice needed: should DS take the PSAT again? Would it really be worth it? -- Mar 7 2017, Dianne-TX
Skipping the PSAT junior year? -- Oct 18 2016, Ktgrok
Converting SAT scores into PSAT scores (comparing/predicting score of one test type from score on other test type) -- Sept 10 2017, Okra

Test prep
PSAT and SAT Test Prep Materials (illustrations & explanations of how to decode the Math typically found on these tests) -- Feb 16 2021, RegGuheert
Best PSAT and/or SAT prep? — Jan 19 2018, Janeway
Best PSAT prep book? -- Sept 16 2016, Halcyon
PSAT summer prep — June 6 2018, Kelly1730
How can we help DS be faster on the PSAT & SAT -- July 16 2016, Moms in the Garden
Is there a practice ACT you can take, like the  PSAT? -- Sept 6 2017, Garga

Taking PSAT before 11th grade / PSAT 8/9, PSAT 10 test versions
PSAT 10 vs. regular PSAT? -- May 23 2016, daijobu
Good PSAT scores for a 9th or 10th grader? (what is a good score? what to expect for first time testing?) -- Oct 30 2016, Mirabillis
High school sophomore: retake SAT or take PSAT? (includes discussion on NMS process, which requires an SAT score) -- July 12 2017, Kassia
PSAT for a sophomore: do we study? -- Sept 21 2017, mirabillis
PSAT/NMSQT (taking it before 11th grade?) -- Mar 3 2018, London
Best way to prep for PSAT 8/9 (the early version of the PSAT for 8th & 9th graders) -- Dec 8 2017, Tranquility7

Signing up / finding a location
PSAT (how do you sign up a homeschool student?) -- Apr 12 2017, leeannpal
PSAT (how do I sign up my junior?) — Sept 12 2017, Excelsior! Academy
PSAT: which date? (to sign up for) -- Aug 1 2016, daijobu
PSAT (how do you find a location?) -- June 7 2016, Rebecca
PSAT (suggestions for finding a location) -- Sept 12 2017, Excelsior! Academy
District say they don’t think DS can take PSAT: what to do now? — May 31 2018, summerreading
PSAT: trouble getting signed up -- Sept 22 2017, Tess in the Burbs
Can't find a PSAT site to take test... ARGH! -- Sept 21 2016, mirabillis

Test day topics
Anyone care to share been-there-done-that PSAT test day tips for us newbies?  -- Oct 14 2016, HappyGrace
PSAT notarized form? (If you don’t have a state-issued ID) — Oct 10 2017, daijobu
PSAT/NMSQT: Social Security # required? -- Sept. 17 2017, Lanny
s/o: Graphing calculator for PSAT and SAT/ACT: necessary? -- July 31 2016, kand
HELP! Calculator for PSAT? (what graphing calculators are approved?) -- Oct 10 2017, Nicholas_mom
PSAT homeschool code (where to find it?) -- Sept 19 2016, TCB
Is it better to use the homeschool or school code for the PSAT -- Sept 17 2011, Hillary in KS
Private school will not use homeschool code for PSAT -- Sept 10 2009, Janice H
What parts on the PSAT should DD NOT fill in if we do NOT want her info to go to colleges? -- Oct 16 2016, HappyGrace

National Merit (NM) Scholarships
     overview topics

Please explain PSAT and NM in plain English to me -- Oct 20 2016, Momto5inIN
Understanding PSAT scores and National Merit -- Sept 6 2018, teachermom2834
Can we talk PSAT and National Merit Scholarships? -- Aug 27 2008, Jane in NC
National Hispanic Recognition Program (NHRP) — Feb 2 2018, dereksurfs
National Hispanic Scholar (later posts in the thread list colleges that give aid to these students) -- Sept 7 2018, Lanny
National Merit kids (what's the process) — Feb 10 2017, StephanieZ
     semi-finalist to finalist process topics
National Merit question: semi-finalist to finalist process? -- Aug 30 2017, RanchGirl
National Merit finalist question (hoops to jump to go from semifinalist to finalist?) -- Jan 7 2016, creek mom
National Merit application -- Sept 14 2017, nancy.suzanne70
Endorser submits National Merit application for homeschooler - was it always like this? -- Aug 27 2018, bctnln
Trying to decide how offended to be (discussion about endorser requirement) -- Sept 23 2015, angela in ohio
National Merit: letter of recommendation -- Sept 18 2017, g1234
SAT and National Merit semifinalist questions -- July 17 2017, TCB
     specific scholarship topics
SAT vs PSAT for merit-based scholarships -- July 11, 2018, dereksurfs
Can National Merit scholarships be used for non-tuition costs? -- May 1 2017, Sebastian (a lady)
National Merit scholar question (can you receive scholarship if already taken college classes? -- Aug 31 2015, charlotteb


SAT SUBJECT TESTS  (also called SAT2 or SAT II tests)

Overview topics
SAT2 Subject tests — Jan 27 2018, Vida Winter
SAT Subject Test (discussion on several topics) -- May 26 2017, Reefgazer
Should she take Math 1 Subject test? -- Apr 17 2017, lisabees
SAT Subject test questions (register like the SAT? take more than 1 test in a day?) -- Feb 19 2018, skimomma
How many SAT Subject tests to take in one day — May 12 2017, Grantmom
SAT Subject tests [sometimes] not really needed when college says they are — Mar 10 2017, Melabella

Test scores
SAT Subject test question (final score report shows answers, or just a final score?) -- Dec 5 2016, kand
SAT Subject test score percentiles (what do they mean?) -- June 8 2017, Kassia
WWYD regarding re-taking SATII test? -- Sept. 11 2017, mirabillis
How to delete SAT Subject test score? -- Sept 3 2017, Garga
Ugh: DD did very poorly on SAT Subject test (cancel score? or...?) -- July 12 2017, Reefgazer

Test prep
SAT Subject tests: which test prep book to use? -- Dec 19 2016, Garga
Math 2 SAT Subject test prep -- May 31 2017, OnMyOwn
SAT 2 Latin Subject test (what to use to prep?) -- Jan 29 2016, crazyforlatin

Specific subject tests

Math 1 or Math 2 Subject test (which to take?) -- June 8 2017, g1234
Math 1 or 2 SAT Subject test? (which to take) — Nov 28 2017, Grantmom
Math SAT Subject test (what does it cover?) -- Jun 6 2017, Reefgazer
Math 2 SAT II (how hard/easy is it?) — May 21 2018, mirabillis
SAT Math *section* vs Math *subject* test: what's the difference (Math 1 vs Math 2) -- May 26 2017, Tammi K
Best time to take SAT Subject test for Math? -- Oct 8 2017, Kassia
Graphing calculator for SAT Math 2 Subject test? -- June 17 2017, OnMyOwn
     Biology, Chemistry, Physics
SAT Biology Subject test (take in addition to the AP? what to use for studying?) -- Sept 17 2017, DocMom
Biology SAT Subject test without AP: success stories? -- May 6 2015, Penguin
Taking the SATII after AP Chem? — Apr 3 2018, mirabillis
Physics SAT Subject test -- Mar 5 2018, MarkT


ACT / SAT TESTS  (SAT is also called SAT Reasoning Test)

ACT / SAT - overview topics
SAT, ACT: which one or both? Why or why not? How are they different? — Aug 24 2016, butterfly113
Quick(er) way to decide whether to focus on SAT or ACT? — Jan 15 2018, DoraBora
Which test: ACT or SAT? Mixed results on practice tests -- Aug 12 2017, Sandragood1
ACT vs SAT now (since the spring 2016 redesign of the SAT) — July 17 2017, lisabees
ACT with writing vs SAT with essay (which is harder) — Nov 5 2017, Grantmom
Are there any colleges that only accept the ACT but not the SAT or vice-versa? — Apr 3 2018, Corraleno
ACT or SAT tests: did you finish all sections of the test in the allotted time? -- Apr 19 2015, merry gardens
If you needed accommodations for SAT/ACT — May 3 2018, BlsdMama
Taking a practice ACT test as a high school freshman? -- Feb 22 2015, kfeusse
Best SAT and ACT prep books? — Mar 5 2018, borninthesouth

ACT - overview topics
Quick question: what grade do students take the ACT? — May 10 2018, foxbridgeacademy
ACT testing (test day tips?) — May 5 2018, kfeusse
ACT photo ID question — Apr 3 2018, Tess in the Burbs
Which ACT scores to put on transcript? — Oct 12 2017, RollerSkatingMama

ACT - test prep
What did you use to prep your child for the ACT test? -- July 19 2016, kfeusse
Finding help for ACT test-taking — June 20 2018, kfeusse
ACT prep: free and paid (Kaplan) — June 9 2018, Lanny
Kaplan ACT prep (or other?) — May 12 2018, kfeusse
Real ACT study guide [prep Scholar] -- practice test scores accurate? -- June 9 2016, plansrme
If you want a 30+ [score] on the ACT, which programs do you recommend? — Mar 2 2018, BusyMom5
Dyslexic student ACT prep — June 21 2018, Ggg
ACT reading test prep — Jan 19 2018, Momto5inIN

SAT - overview topics
Signing up for SAT *not* through Collegeboard
—July 24 2018, Garga
Choosing an SAT date (registering for a Sunday date) — Aug 15 2018. JennyD
SAT Accommodations request — Oct 31 2017, Sandragood1
Finding an SAT test center if student has accommodations — July 2 2017, saw
Help: sick kid supposed to take the SAT in 5 hours (what to do? how to postpone to a later date?) — Nov 3 2017, Grantmom
Poor SAT score (what to do?) — Oct 20 2017, kewb
How many times is too many to take the SAT? — Feb 13 2017, retiredHSmom
SAT essay - should I be concerned (discussion on whether to take the essay or not) -- Aug 15 2018, Kassia
Skip the SAT? — April 4 2018, TwoEdgedSword
Are SAT scores sent on labels to be affixed to transcripts? — July 7 2018, Garga

SAT - test prep
PSAT and SAT Test Prep Materials
(illustrations & explanations of how to decode the Math typically found on these tests) -- Feb 16 2021, RegGuheert
Moving the SAT needle (how to improve scores) — June 8 2017, whitestavern
Test prep with old SAT books? (recommended? or get prep to match the new test?) — May 5 2017, hopskijump
SAT prep — June 2 2018, MEPinUK
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SAT prep in summer (suggestions?) — Apr 25 2018, mirabillis
Best resources to prepare for SAT Math? — Apr 22 2018, Jane Elliot
Best PSAT and/or SAT prep? — Jan 19 2018, Janeway


AP  (Advanced Placement)

Overview topics
How do you explain AP (what is AP) -- May 10 2009, lwj
Question about AP classes (what are they) -- Apr 15 2010, C_l_e_0..Q_c
AP classes questions (what are they, why do them, when to do them, how to do them at home) -- Feb 1 2011, Hot Lava Mama
Colleges reducing credit for AP classes (linked article sparked discussion of pros & cons) -- May 14 2010, LibrarianMom
AP courses for a homeschooled student? (why do it? how to do it at home? compare to Dual Enrollment) -- Aug 11 2012, Kris in Wis
What is the difference between an AP class and a university class? — Aug 22 2017, lewelma
After talking to college admissions: are APs even worth the work? -- Feb 28 2018, momof2cowboys
8 top private DC schools drop APs (discussion ensues: are AP tests are worth it or not) -- June 18 2018, 8FillTheHeart
FYI: AP Computer Science A is not always accepted [for credit] by colleges (true of all AP tests + discussion on what to do) — Apr 16 2018, Calming Tea

AP -- when, how many, which one(s)
AP classes -- At what age did your DC begin taking them? -- June 11 2012, Catwoman
When do high school kids take AP classes? (what are they? when to take them? etc.) -- Aug 6 2009, Rhea
AP classes? How many are you planning? (how many needed to get into college?) -- Nov. 18 2010, LNC
AP course/exam: how do you decide which one to take? -- June 14 2010, Holly IN

AP -- finding location / scores
Master List of Testing Sites (AP sites that are homeschool friendly) -- July 31 2019, daijobu
2018 AP thread — May 2 2018, freesia
Where to take AP exams? — Feb 27 2017, mbweber
AP test sites that are not high schools -- June 1 2017, EKS
PSA: new AP registration deadlines for 2018-19 (November, not March) — July 11 2018, yvonne
Did your student send AP scores with applications? Or just SAT scores? — Dec 1 2017, yvonne
AP exams opinion question (if knowing you’ll get a low score, take it anyway?) — Apr 12 2018, ski momma
Ugh reporting bad AP scores (score cancellation and withholding options) — July 26 2017, whitestavern
Who has cancelled/deleted an AP score? -- Sept 1 2018, mirabillis

AP -- test prep
Latest recommendations for AP Physics 1 & 2 prep? -- Feb 10 2017, bctnln1059
AP Computer Science A: preparation and testing strategies — May 13 2015, RegGuheert

AP -- courses
AP classes on your own... -- June 28 2011, ma23peas
AP course question (getting a syllabus approved) — July 14 2018, Rebecca
AP Course Audit - need help with process (how to get a syllabus approved) — Dec 31 2013, Sebastian (a lady)
Best online AP classes for homeschoolers? (what do I look for? studying at home & approved syllabus status) -- Mar 5 2011, Sonshine
Good online AP classes? -- Sept 9 2012, Attolia
Any experience taking AP class with PA Homeschoolers and NOT taking the AP test? -- May 1 2016, mckive6 
So, tell me: AP course without the test? -- Mar 18 2015, OhioMomof3
AP course expectations regarding the test -- Jan 1 2018, texasmom33

AP -- actual experiences, good and bad
Advanced Placement (AP) Gripes and Questions (hurdles, negatives, horror stories, frustrations) -- Oct 28, 2009, Jane in NC
Another reason for AP (benefits) -- June 8 2012, creekland
AP credits didn't help quite like we thought (disappointed, credit not awarded by pre-med program) -- June 24 2011, sixglides
2018 AP thread (student scores, and towards thread end: listing course providers & their test statistics) -- May 2 2018, freesia


CLEP  (College Level Examination Program) -- college credit by exam option

Overview topics
What is the purpose of CLEP exams? — Apr 25 2017, madteaparty
Clarifying CLEP -- Dec 5 2011, Josie
I need information and advice on the CLEP exams — Oct 31 2016, Van1998
CLEP exam dates? — July 8 2018, MarkT
CLEP test center fee (in addition to CLEP fee) — June 22 2015, Blossom’s Girl
CLEP as a 9th grader (later problems with college?) — Mar 17 2017, 8FillTheHeart
CLEP Score?? Bewildered (how to read/unstand/compare CLEP and AP scores) -- June 6 2012, Harriet Vane
What if you don't pass CLEP test? -- Oct 9 2012, caroljenn
Can one retake a CLEP exam? — Nov 26 2016, Matryoshka

Pros and Cons
To CLEP or not to CLEP (pros and cons) -- Apr 19 2009, sue
Thought regarding CLEP? (lengthy discussion on CLEPS) — Apr 8 2016, SparklyUnicorn
CLEP: what are your thoughts (worth it, and how to know?) — Apr 12 2015, angelaguptahomas
Other than cost if a college doesn’t accept them, are there are downsides to CLEPS? — June 25 2015, KarenNC
CLEP exams to test out of college credits (is it worthwhile?) -- Dec 16 2008, SharonK

CLEP in high school
CLEP for high school? — June 25 2017, polynomials
High school credit for CLEP test — May 3 2016, charlotteb
Anyone design or use a curriculum with CLEP as end goal? — May 24 2016, saraha
CLEP for some classes? — July 2 2016, OhioMomof3
CLEP test AFTER AP (pros and cons?) — May 9 2017, mjbucks1
Question about dual enrollment (follow dual enrollment course with either AP or CLEP?) -- May 3 2014, Heather in VA

CLEP on transcripts
Do you put CLEP on transcripts? — May 6 2013, MommyThrice
What weight do you give a course with CLEP on the transcript — July 27 2015, KarenNC
CLEP transcript questions — Jan 15 2018, luuknam
Placement tests, CLEP and credits — June 6 2016, Renai

CLEP prep / specific CLEP test subjects
Prep for CLEP — June 12 2017, SparklyUnicorn
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Best prep for College Algebra CLEP? — June 18, katilac
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CLEP test after Apologia Chemistry? — Mar 21 2018, hopskipjump
US History text for CLEP — May 22 2016, ssirisha

Modern States program
Modern States: anyone taken their free courses & the CLEP tests? — Mar 5 2018, Pronghorn
Modern States (any reviews/experiences?) -- Jan 27 2018, LAR



College credit for the different options (AP, CLEP Dual Enrollment)
AP, SAT Subject, CLEP, how do you choose? (past experiences of what people chose and why) -- Mar 20 2012, MommyThrice
Dual Credit & AP classes -- Feb 1 2010, Caia
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Question re: Dual Enrollment, CLEP transferability & AP (for colleges on a quarter system) -- May 17 2008, Kimm in WA

Multiple option comparisons
Outside validation -- AP, CLEP, Dual Enrollment, etc. -- Mar 18 2019, Caraway
AP vs CLEP vs Dual Enrollment vs college degree at home— Nov 12 2015, Lori D.
Turns out AP/CLEP doesn't matter (great discussion/experience on AP, CLEP and dual enrollment -- which one; is it worth it; when/why; and potential pitfalls) -- May 3 2014, BakersDozen
s/o CLEP questions (SAT 2 vs AP vs CLEP vs Dual Enrollment) — Apr 10 2016, Hilltopmom
Question about dual enrollment (follow dual enrollment course with either AP or CLEP?) -- May 3 2014, Heather in VA

In your opinion -- CLEP or SAT II (which to verify "mommy grades) -- Apr 30 2008, chelsea in TN
Why SAT Subject test instead of CLEP? — Mar 1 2016, texasmom33

AP or CLEP? — Apr 26 2017, SunshineMom
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AP vs CLEP — Apr 22 2015, Mom-ninja
AP vs CLEP (listed specific points of comparison) -- Aug 15 2009, melmichegan
AP vs CLEP for American Government and US History — Feb 24 2018, momof2cowboys
CLEP test AFTER AP (pros and cons?) — May 9 2017, mjbucks1

AP vs Dual Enrollment
Advanced Placement vs. Dual Enrollment (discussion of potential advantages/disadvantages of each) -- Jan 28 2014, Teachin'Mine
AP and Dual Enrollment — Jan 18 2018, Arch at Home
AP or Dual Enrollment (see Gwen in VA's post with checklist of questions to think through) -- Jan 26 2012, momofkhm
AP courses or Dual Enrollment? (which is better) -- Sept 11 2012, Attolia
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"AP Classes are a Scam" [linked article and discussion] (spirited debate on AP and Dual Enrollment: which is better, when, and why) -- Dec 28 2008, swimmermom3

CLEP vs Dual Enrollment
CLEP question (CLEP vs. dual enrollment) — May 30 2016, OhioMomof3
CLEP, Dual Enrollment info — Aug 13 2011, Alison in KY
Is Dual Enrollment or CLEP better? — Feb 24 2011, dhudson
Calculus: AP or CLEP or Dual Enrollment — Oct 31 2016, Matryoshka



Overview, Pros/Cons
GED? (what is it, how to prep, is it a good idea) -- Feb 27 2014, Paradox5
GED?? (pros and cons) -- Apr 29 2009, txchick
Pros and Cons of getting a GED -- Jan 19 2008, Faith
s/o GED stigma? — July 2 2016, City Mouse
SAT, GED, Common Core — July 26 2015, Based on Faith Academy
Can someone have a GED and a diploma? — July 28 2015, Carpe Diem
Beyond dual enrollment: GED? Homeschool diploma? (which is better) — Mar 15 2016, bluedarling

"Should this student get a GED?"
Getting a GED at 16 and then heading to Community College - pros and cons? — Aug 26 2018, Desert Blossom
Early graduation/Community College online and GED? (includes general GED discussion) — Dec 2 2016, Vida Winter
GED advice — July 4 2016, Paradox5
Cosmetology school with homeschool diploma/GED? — Aug 16 2016, Matryoshk

GED prep / "new" GED (revamped version as of Jan. 2014)
Looking for online GED prep course for somebody who left high school 7-8 years ago and never finished — Apr 9 2018, umsami
Best prep material for GED? -- AND -- same thread X-posted — Nov 22 2017, Liz CA
Has anyone taught/tutored community college GED classes? -- Feb 20 2013, Walking-Iris
Is anyone familiar with the new GED who could answer a few questions? -- Mar 17 2014, 8FilltheHeart

College admission requirements / alternatives to GED
College wants GED from homeschoolers. Do I challenge that? -- Aug 16 2011, Tardis Girl
GED or other test showing equivalency? (describes how she avoided GED requirement) Aug 12 2011, Three Blessings
GED -- Good idea or not? (specific info for NY homeschoolers trying for SUNY colleges) --Mar 19 2014, Sparkly Unicorn
New York homeschool for high school questions (GED or accredited diploma or other option) -- May 2 2011, hsmykids
GED for University of Hartford (needed? what to do/how to avoid it?) — Apr 24 2018, Pronghorn
FYI: UMass Amherst seems to have dropped GED requirement for homeschoolers — Feb 7 2016, Matryoshka
Drexel University requirements for homeschoolers: is GED needed? — Aug 10 2015, Sebastian (a lady)
GED for St. Louis University? — Oct. 3 2015, regentrude

GED and federal financial aid for college
What do you do about GED, state certificate, or high school diploma required for Federal Aid? — Apr 26 2015, Pen

GED and military enlistment
Is it possible to get into the military without a high school education, GED only? -- Jan 28 2013, lynn


ASVAB  (Military Placement Test)
ASVAB scoring (and how to prep?) -- Nov 1 2016, Luanne
ASVAB at brick & mortar school in 9th grade — Jan 26, 2018, Pen


COMPASS / ACCUPLACER  (College Placement Tests)
Should I put DDS Compass scores on her transcript in addition to ACT? -- July 2 2015, katilac
Will ACT prep books help for Compass Placement Test? — June 19 2016, Crimson Wife
Accuplacer experience? -- Apr 29 2015, J'swife
Ideas on how to review for college placement test (Compass or Accuplacer) -- Aug 7 2015, J-rap


IB  (International Baccalaureate)
What exactly is the IB program? -- Feb 11 2015, DesertBlossom
Do you guys know anything about the IB program in high school? -- June 26 2016, DawnM
IB vs AP Capstone vs homeschooling with college classes -- Jan 9 2017, dmmetler
IB and AP question -- Oct 21 2018, raindrops
Pros and Cons of an IB program in high school, and is it worth it? -- Feb 27, 2013, Halcyon
What do you think of the International Baccalaureate program for high school students? -- Nov 28 2019, Teaching3Bears
International Baccalaureate? (sharing of personal experiences with IB) -- Feb 24 2009, Closeacademy
Does anyone have experience with an IB program? -- Jan 20 2012, jeri

-- end of linked posts --

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You are most welcome, ladies! The combined wisdom on this Board is awesome when you see it all listed like that, isn't it! ?

And just to clarify about the above list: I included a wide variety of topics on each general subject (not just the same topic repeatedly) -- I separated topics with some space.

And I only included threads with quite a few responses (which gives lots of info from many posters all in one place) -- AND I only included threads I thought would be helpful to many people; I did not include threads that were responses to help only the original poster's specific question/need.

Happy reading! ? Warmest regards, Lori D.

Edited by Lori D.
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:blushing: You are all too kind! But remember -- all the wonderful info in those threads is from the Hive! ?

Sebastian (a lady) said:
Lori D for President!

Oh no! Please don't punish me for my good deed! :tongue_smilie:

Just teasing Sebastian -- I know you are giving me a high compliment indeed! I've always thought what a dreadful job being President must be -- no matter what you do or say, there is always *someone* who is extremely unhappy with you! Oo... tell you what: can I have hat privileges?! :hat:

Edited by Lori D.
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Thank you so much for pulling this list together. It's still a couple of years away for us, but some of the decisions we will be making this year will be influenced by some of these issues. Thanks for putting so much knowledge together in one place. It's so nice not to have to reinvent the wheel.

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  • 4 months later...

Are any of these links working for you? I wonder if the links were broken when the board went to the new format? I can't get any of the links to old threads to open up for me.


Same here. I'd really like to look over some of these discussions, but the links aren't working.

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On 1/4/2013 at 5:16 PM, GailV said:

Same here. I'd really like to look over some of these discussions, but the links aren't working.

.....ssssiiiigggghhhh of massive exasperation.... Apparently the switch to the new board broke the links. I am in process of relinking. I'm about 25% there. I started at the top of page 1, and will plug away in order down the list till done..... Warmest regards, Lori D.

ETA: Okay, page 1 is RE-DONE, with a few additions, and reorganized into a more coherent structure. Page 2 will just have to wait until I have another block of time...

ETA #2: ::gasp:: Almost killed me, but, all links have been reestablished. I also added a few recent threads, and reorganized into a better order with clearer headings.

please... no... more... Board... format... changes... ::gasp::

Edited by Lori D.
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.....ssssiiiigggghhhh of massive exasperation.... Apparently the switch to the new board broke the links. I am in process of relinking. I'm about 25% there. I started at the top of page 1, and will plug away in order down the list till done..... Warmest regards, Lori D.


You're wonderful!!!!

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.....ssssiiiigggghhhh of massive exasperation.... Apparently the switch to the new board broke the links. I am in process of relinking. I'm about 25% there. I started at the top of page 1, and will plug away in order down the list till done..... Warmest regards, Lori D.



ETA: Okay, page 1 is RE-DONE, with a few additions, and reorganized into a more coherent structure. Page 2 will just have to wait until I have another block of time...



ETA #2: ::gasp:: Almost killed me, but, all links have been reestablished. I also added a few recent threads, and reorganized into a better order with clearer headings.


please... no... more... Board... format... changes... ::gasp::


Lori. A tip of the hat and virtual chocolate or wine to you for the hard work. Thank you so much.

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  • 5 months later...
  • 9 months later...

Wow - this list is just amazing!

THANK YOU to all who worked on putting this together.  Now I need to find about 3 hours of extra time to read over everything   ;)


I'm thinking our local homeschool group could benefit from this immensely...  can I link to it somehow (with proper disclosures, of course!) and they would be able to read the posts, or is that not allowed?  

(Or maybe it won't even work if they aren't members on here?)

Can anyone answer that for me?

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Wow - this list is just amazing!

THANK YOU to all who worked on putting this together. Now I need to find about 3 hours of extra time to read over everything ;)


I'm thinking our local homeschool group could benefit from this immensely... can I link to it somehow (with proper disclosures, of course!) and they would be able to read the posts, or is that not allowed?

(Or maybe it won't even work if they aren't members on here?)

Can anyone answer that for me?


Just send them the link to the thread. Then they can browse the links at will.

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Just send them the link to the thread. Then they can browse the links at will.




Super!   Thanks so much - this list is just insane and there are so many good things on it... I know it will be of benefit.

I wanted to be sure it was okay to share it   :001_smile: 

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  • 2 months later...

i noticed one of our favorite online teachers isn't listed here yet.


sheri jackson teaches specific high school science topics (eg. ocean environment, evolution).


her email is soapnotes@msn.com


she also teaches middle school english courses.


she was a great introduction to online classes for our dd#3.


dd#4 is registered in both science classes for this autumn, and we'd love people we "know" to be there with us ;).





eta: her website is http://sherrisonlineclasses.weebly.com/

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  • 1 year later...

Hi all! This is my last year to homeschool! Wow! So thankful to WTM and all the resources through the years! The past seven years I have taught English comp/lit at a co-op..classes grew from 24 students to over 100 the past two years.


The last four years I compiled lessons for 30-32 week schedules. All are free on my website www.wordlyways.com


This year, I was asked to do online classes since my husband's company moved us to Houston 3 weeks ago. I am holding Skype classes for 7th-10th and 10th-12th starting Monday in World Literature. You can review this year's course at my website.


I charge $100 per semester and grade assignments..anyone can try it out first before committing. It is heavier on reading the first semester (Les Miserables unabridged but we will skip sections in the senior class) but less in the second semester.


You can contact me via website :)

Kind regards

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  • 1 month later...
  • 1 month later...
  • 6 months later...

Hi, I am a parent that homeschools a 14 yr. old and would like to know if AOPS courses such as Pre Algebra and Algebra are an option for homeschoolers and can be used towards getting a high school diploma (include in transcripts) or not. Thanks 

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8 hours ago, Sergio said:

Hi, I am a parent that homeschools a 14 yr. old and would like to know if AOPS courses such as Pre Algebra and Algebra are an option for homeschoolers and can be used towards getting a high school diploma (include in transcripts) or not. Thanks 

AOPS classes could certainly be part of your student's homeschool experience. There are board members who have used those. You may want to search specifically for AOPS to find threads discussing the courses or start a new thread about AOPS. (We did the books at home for Algebra and Geometry for reasons related to scheduling and course pace.)

Generally, as a homeschooler, you decide what goes on the transcript. If you choose to use outside providers, you can certainly include those courses on the transcript. 

That said, usually Algebra is the first high school level math course. You may want to leave Pre-Algebra off the transcript, if it was done before 9th grade. 

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11 hours ago, Sergio said:

Hi, I am a parent that homeschools a 14 yr. old and would like to know if AOPS courses such as Pre Algebra and Algebra are an option for homeschoolers and can be used towards getting a high school diploma (include in transcripts) or not. Thanks 

As a homeschooler, you create the transcript and diploma yourself. You don't need to attend an accredited school. If you plan to send them back to public high school later, it is the high school's case-by-case choice whether to accept those credits or not.

Regarding AOPS, you can teach them yourself with the books, or take their text-based online classes, or their in-person/virtual academy classes.

The text-based classes are the cheapest, text only, no audio, no face time, very fast pace, has proof-based problems but no final exams. 

The virtual academy classes are like zoom classes 

The in-person academy is slower, spreading through the entire school year, has final exams but no proof-based problems

All of those classes have letter-grade report at the end for your transcript. 


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